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Straight Wire - Expressivo AG - RCA Interconnect Cable (Pair)

Straight Wire

Straight Wire - Expressivo Ag - RCA Interconnect Cable (Pair)

Bold Musical Details. Un-Restrained Balance.

The Straight Wire Level 4 Expressivo AG Interconnect Interconnect Pair Is based on the successful Expressivo II interconnect. It is made with a premium silver-plated conductor, Compressed Conductor Technology with "air suspended" conductors at 21 AWG of OFHC Silver plated Copper. Multiple low dielectric insulations of polypropylene and polyethylene optimize mechanical and electrical performance. Designed to work with High Level and Reference Grade Components, these cables are not for every system. Expressivo AG allows for authentic replication of EXACTLY what is on a recording. A natural-sounding soundstage is complemented with an equally natural-sounding sense of Air and Brilliance. Its silky mid-range is complimented with impactful bass, you've never felt your music with this kind of clarity and power before!

Expressivo AG Review

"...the Expressivos have lower resistance and allow more information to flow through unabated, as they seem to have a slightly higher level of gain and focus..."

Positive Feedback, Issue 105, 10-01-2019
By Juan C. Ayllon

Straight Wire has developed a Level System to make finding the right cable for your system much easier! Musicable II is part of their Level 1 Series Cable.

Level 4: Reference Grade Cables

Here is where it ends. Constructed with Super-Micro-porous Foam PTFE insulation and premium locking gold/PTFE connectors. Unique Compressed Conductor Technology delivers unrivaled speed, articulation, and low-end impact that is unobtainable from lesser cables. Found in many of the Reference Systems owned by the world's most respected Audiophiles.


Black Fiber w/ PET Mesh

Air Space Helix

Foam PE/PP

Premium Gold

RCA or XLR Terminations


Compressed AG OFHC

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