Sound Approach does audio & video. home theaters. awesome.

We are a group of dedicated audio & video professionals. Our trucks are at clients homes every day of the week. Our passion for movies & music runs deep. Call us and let's talk everything under the sun about how our business makes a difference to our clients. 


Who We Are

It all began in 1972 when a local radio personality, fondly known as DJ, had the idea of opening a Hi-Fi store in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Armed with a great love for live music, he knew that the right equipment could reproduce the emotional impact of the shows and concerts he experienced.

It wasn't long before Sound Approach became a driving force in the local area for all things stereo. Selection, sales staff, and service soon put us on the regional map with multiple locations, and clients were regularly treated to a number of "firsts" as new technology advanced the state of the art.

As DJ developed close working relationships with repeat customers, he realized that many of them not only wanted a great audio system, they wanted to hear it in every room of the house. From this, our custom install division was born.

Since the introduction of in-wall speakers did not occur until the early 90s, we had to be creative. This was achieved by using car stereo speakers as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. With the right selection of equipment, the magic of distributed whole-house audio was born. At Sound Approach, we were proud to be on the creative edge and ahead of others in our industry.

Over the years it has been this type of innovative thinking that has brought us and our sister company, Home Technologies of Virginia, to be the longest standing custom electronic system integrator in the Hampton Roads area.

We design, install and service a wide range of home electronic equipment. A partial list would include distributed home audio & video, satellite systems, telephone systems, lighting systems, dedicated home theaters, integrated computer systems, WiFi, gaming systems, and outdoor audio and video. is driven by an eclectic group of individuals. We have many years of experience in the industry- and some of us with 30+ years. Our knowledge base is extensive & diverse, and we continually strive to keep up with emerging technologies while maintaining a solid grasp on the past.