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SoundSmith - The Voice - High-Output Phono Cartridge

SoundSmith - The Voice - High-Output Phono Cartridge 

SoundSmith's statement? Ikebana. Less is more.

It overturns the myth that moving coil cartridges are the only path towards perfection. After all, what is the “advantage” of the moving coil type of cartridge? Low effective moving mass, right? We got less. Much less. And if you understand moving mass, Less IS more.

The 40 year evolution of “The Voice” cartridge affords lower effective moving mass than any of them. Far lower. It even has 40% less than our other moving iron designs! Why is that good? Because when you lower the moving mass, it’s easier to control. If it’s easier to control, the stylus can stay in better contact with the groove walls. That’s good, because if you can’t stay in contact with the groove walls, you can’t hear what’s on the record.

Is a moving coil preamp required? No. “The Voice” is designed to be used with a Moving Magnet preamp. No transformers. No finicky multi-stage ultra high gain preamp required. Less is more here, too.

Once you’ve heard “The Voice”, you’ll never go back. The price?? Oh yes, “less is more” applies here too.


        Contact Line Nude, 0.100mm SQ selected for low noise

Radius of Curvature
        OCL (Optimized Contour Contact Line)


Recommended Tracking Force
        1.3 gm (high)
        1.6 gm (medium)

Effective tip mass
        0.30 mg

        22 µm/mN 

Frequency response
        20-20,000 Hz ± 1.0 dB

Channel Separation (stereo only)
        1000 Hz >30 dB
        50-15,000 >25 dB

Channel difference
         <0.5 dB (Stereo), <1.0 dB (Mono)

Output 5 cm/sec. RMS
        >2.12 mV

Cartridge weight
        9.2 grams

        Resistance >/= 47 kohms

        100 - 200 pF

        1 year

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