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There is a 3 - 5 week delay in shipping as cartridges are hand-made to order. Phono cartridges are not returnable. If found defective, by the manufacturer, they can only be exchanged.


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SoundSmith - IROX Blue X - High-Output Phono Cartridge

SoundSmith - IROX Blue X - High-Output Phono Cartridge 

Soundsmith's unbreakable special use cartridge. Perfect for any harsh repetitive use.

The IROX Blue is distinguished from the IROX Ultimate in the mere fact that it has an elliptical stylus, not the Nude elliptical stylus. It's perfect for parties, DJ-ing, public institutions like libraries, or perhaps just clumsy audiophiles who fear damaging their precarious cartridges; great for any potentially damaging use. This cartridge is literally unbreakable with any kind of reasonable record playing use.

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