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Sound Quest - SQ-12GT - Tube Output CD Player

Sound Quest - SQ-12GT - Tube Output CD Player 

With a front panel in beautiful maple and remote featuring matching wood, the SQ-12GT's DAC achieves a resolution of 24-bit/192kHz via multilevel sigma-delta with synchronous upsampling. The clock jitter is rated at less than 14ps and, if desired, an outboard digital to analog (DAC) can be used via the digital coax output. Outstanding measurements include a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, phase response of less than 2 degrees deviation, signal-to-noise of more than 105dB, and crosstalk of less than -100dB. Output terminals are gold plated and overall dimensions are 3.2" x 17.2" x 11.6" (HxWxD in inches with a weight of 22 pounds.

Yes, the GT is even better than the original Granite Audio #657. It has a better newer DAC for one thing. And we made some improvements to the tube section too. Yes, the GT tube section has the old input impedance mod with ultra-low noise floor of -99dB. And, it also has a power supply impedance mod and newer custom transformer that give even better bass and midrange sonics.


  • DAC resolution 24-bit 192KHz multilevel sigma-delta with synchronous up sampling 
  • Clock Jitter Less than 12ps directly distributed to DAC 
  • Output Terminals Gold plated Phono/RCA unbalanced and gold plated XLR balanced 
  • Remote ALPS Volume Control option, MSRP $500.00 
  • Vacuum Tube Rectification
  • Tube Compliment 1-6X4 Rectifier , 2-6DJ8 Power Tubes
  • Long Life 105C Low ESR Panasonic Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Sprague 715P Polypropylene Coupling Capacitors 
  • Shielded silver wire
  • Gold over Silver over OFC Copper RCA Jacks
  • Separate Isolated Laminate Type Transformer Power Supply


Your GT upgrade will come with the same quality tubes as the #657. NOS Phillips JAN 6DJ8 and 6X4 rectifier. I've had customers rave about using the following 6DJ8 tubes:
1. Amperex NOS #7308 White Label
2. Siemens #7308 E188CC
3. Amperex Holland "PQ"
4. Siemens CCa's


Frequency Response
        20Hz - 20kHz

Signal to Noise

THD @ 2V Output

THD @ 4V Output

Maximum Output
        30V RMS

0dBFS Signal Output
        2.3V RMS

Phase Response
        Less than 2 degrees deviation 20Hz-20kHz

Signal-to-noise Ratio
        More than 105dB

        Less than -100dB

Distortion (XLR)
        Less than 0.002%

Intermodulation (RCA)
        Less than 0.002% (19kHz + 20kHz)

Remote Control
        Philips RC-5 compatible IR system 36kHz modulation frequency

Frequency response
        Less than ±0.1dB deviation 20Hz-20kHz

Dimensions (HxWxD)
        H 3.25" (80mm) x W 17" (430mm) x D 11.6" (29mm)

        22lbs (27 lbs Shipping Weight)

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