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Millennium - M-Pucks/M-Puck Vario Multi-purpose feet (Set of 3)

Millennium - M-Pucks/M-Puck Vario Multi-purpose feet (Set of 3)

One of our famous products since many years, as you can read in professional audio magazines and hear on several Hi-Fi conventions. The audible effects of most housing resonances of your Hi-Fi equipment and loudspeakers can effectively be reduced by using a set of M-Pucks. Optimal level adjustment is possible using one or more of our M-Puck Vario which can be purchased as an optional product. Using different screws/adaptors you can easily exchange the supplied low-quality feet.

Our pucks are manufactured of polished high-grade steel, coated on top and bottom with carbon material. Disturbing resonance energy will be reduced by lead off into the ground. Between the half of both of the puck is a hardened steel ball only. As a result you will get an enhanced and clear sound stage with increased dynamic power out of the speakers.

*** Set of 3 Footers


        40 x 24 mm / 1.57" x .94"

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