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This is a Special Order item, as this product is built to order. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for processing. Contact Sound Approach with any questions. Thank you!


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Kuzma - Stogi Ref - 9" Reference Tonearm


Kuzma - Stogi Ref - 9" Reference Tonearm 

The Stogi Ref tonearm by Kuzma, while similar in construction to the Stogi, incorporates a conical tube and the vertical bearings have a highly damped brass housing. The conical tube is machined from a continuous, solid aluminum rod. This tube has a built-in, precision, worm-drive, azimuth adjustment mechanism.

The main frame and all other parts are machined from solid aluminum or brass blocks. Some parts are anodized and some are not, to help control tonearm resonance. The headshell provides a stable cartridge mounting, while the internally damped tube connects this to the massive bearing parts where any vibration or noise is dispersed. Most parts are glued together for rigidity and damping.

The massive arm base serves to clamp the tonearm rigidly to the arm-board. All bearings are pre-loaded and glued into position. This creates a long-lasting, zero-play bearing with low friction and low noise. VTA adjustment is made by raising or lowering the tonearm in the arm base itself.

Internal connection wires are continuous from cartridge pins to output connectors. High quality wires are incorporated into our own cable. Output connections are available in: 5-Pin DIN, RCA or XLR (Balanced).

NOTE: USA sales and shipment only. This product is special order. Tonearms do not come with a cartridge. No cables are included with DIN Tonearms. Some Kuzma items ship from overseas, so delivery times may vary. Accordingly, delivery may take 4-6+ weeks. For questions about availability and shipment, please contact Sound Approach.


Effective length: 229 mm
Arm mount distance: 212 mm
Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing: 212 mm
Bearing type: Precise ball bearings
Effective mass: 13 gr
Total mass: 870 g
Offset angle: 23*
VTA adjustment: Yes
Azimuth adjustment: Precise worm drive
Tube: Conical
Bias: Yes
Max. Standard cartridge weight: 15 gr
Optional light and heavy counterweight: Yes
Damping: No
Detachable headshell: No
Arm mount: Kuzma& Stogi
Standard wiring: Copper, RCA Bullets
Accessories: protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws
Options: XLR, 5pin

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