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HiFiMAN - Shangri La Jr - Electrostatic Headphone/Amplifier System is available to buy in increments of 1

HiFiMAN - Shangri La Jr - Electrostatic Headphone/Amplifier System

HiFiMAN - Shangri La Jr - Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier System

HIFIMAN - Shangri La Jr - Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier System

As the entry-level offering of HiFiMAN's electrostatic headphone amplifier systems, the Shangri La Jr provides an extraordinary listening experience at an unheard of performance/value ratio. Advanced technology housed in an ergonomic and lightweight construction ensures that you will be delighted by your favorite sounds while preserving your comfort.

The Ultimate Listening Experience - Elevating you to your own transecendental sonic paradise!

Nanotech Driver (0.001mm)

Delivers lightning-fast response with virtually zero distortion. The nano-particle coated sub-micrometer thickness diaphragm providing unsurpassed high frequency response. 

Radical New Technology

Metal mesh stators working in proximity to the ultra-thin diaphragm provide superior openness and less distortion than other headphones. The frame is manufactured using a specialized metallic alloy, specially chosen to ensure sonic stability and to minimise distortion. The width of the grating on the mesh measures only 50 microns, making is so fine that sound waves lower than 1x10^6 Hz (1 million Hertz) can pass through without distortion, rendering it acoustically transparent. 

Hear all the music

Extended frequency response from 7 Hz to 120 kHz

A newly designed and custom made Amplifier

Created specifically for the SHANGRI-LA Jr Headphones to reveal the power and emotion of music. Made using the finest hand matched 6SN7 Vacuum Tubes currently available in the world!

6SN7 Vacuum Tubes

Tubes at the core of the SHANGRI-LA Jr Amplifier function so closely to the output offers a warm and sumptuous sonic quality the finest tube amplifiers are known for. 

An emotionally moving experience elevating musical performance beyond belief. A discrete 24 step attenuator to ensure no added distortion in the system.

Striking Industiral Design

Aesthetically beautiful to complement any desktop.

Ergonomic and Lightwieght Construction. To provide superior extended listening comfort. Together these items bring pure audio performance to the listenener. 



  • Advanced Nanotech Driver Technology
  • Accessories Included: Power Cable, Electrostatic Headphone (In a box), Headphone Stand, 6SN7 Vacuum Tube Amplifier (4pc), User Guide
  • Nano-particle coated sub-micrometer thickness diaphragm provides unsurpassed high frequency response. 
  • The highly resolving audio and extremely high frequency range allows the soundstage to be dramatically open and expansive compared to a traditional “moving coil”type headphone. 
  • Metal mesh stators working in proximity to the ultra-thin diaphragm provide superior openness and less distortion than other headphones. 
  • Nanometer grade dust cover helps prevent dust and other pollutants settling and avoiding ensuing distortion caused by electrostatic dust. 
  • Lightweight (only 13.2oz or 374g) and ergonomic design provides superb comfort for extending listening. 
  • Sturdy and durable, the outer covering is made of 6-series aluminum alloy with an anodized finish.

Electrostatic Amplifier:

  • Four custom designed 6SN7 vacuum tubes, acknowledged to be the finest available 
  • Relay-based attenuator with a 24-step level of volume control and a total of 23 separate resistors for a more pure listening experience 
  • Made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, the advanced industrial design is from the HIFIMAN US design team in Boston 
  • Tempered glass top panel 
  • XLR balanced audio input and AUX source input port 
  • Equipped with two headphone output ports 
  • AC 115V / 230V power selector


Frequency Response
7 Hz - 120 kHz

Bias Voltage
550V - 650V

374g (13.2 oz)

11kg (24 lb)

400 x 265 x 108 mm
(15.7" x 10.4" x 4.2")

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