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AudioQuest - PowerQuest 2 - 6 Outlet Power Conditioner is available to buy in increments of 1

AudioQuest - PowerQuest 2 - 6 Outlet Power Conditioner

AudioQuest - PowerQuest 2 - 6 Outlet Power Conditioner

AudioQuest - PowerQuest 2 - 6 Outlet Power Conditioner

Enhance your audio and video entertainment experience with PowerQuest.

Our power filtration removes more noise and distortion than most common power conditioners, dramatically improving your system's performance. Unlike traditional surge protectors, non-sacrificial surge suppression prevents both high voltage and current from damaging your equipment, ensuring that your PowerQuest device won’t fail over time.

In addition, the PowerQuest PQ-2 features both a slim profile and a rugged floor-mounting stand that makes it ideal for mounting behind cabinets. Power cords plug straight down to the top-layer AC outlets, making installation trouble-free. For those who prefer shelf mounting, the bottom stand can be easily removed. This allows easy access to all six power outlets. Sending clean power to your A/V system was never so simple or convenient.


PowerQuest Extreme Voltage Shutdown
140VAC: Will activate the main power circuit relay to open within less than 0.25 seconds; automatically resets once the incoming power is within a safe range.

PowerQuest Surge Protection
Non-Sacrificial: Nothing to damage with repeated 6000V/3000A input surge tests, which is the maximum that can survive a building’s AC electrical panel.

PowerQuest Linear Filter
Differential-Mode Noise-Dissipation: In excess of 22dB reduction from 30kHz-1GHz. Filter linearized for dynamic (rising) line impedance with frequency from 0.05 Ohms (source) and 10 to 50 Ohm load, (system current dependent).

4K/8K Video Optimized Outlet
In addition to the Linear Filter, this outlet offers additional Noise-Dissipation technology to maximize TV performance.

Input Current Maximum Capacity: 15 Amps RMS

Signal Line Protection: Cable/Satellite

USB Charge Capacity: 2x Ports - Total Capacity 3.4 Amps

Directionally Optimized Concentric-Geometry AudioQuest Power Cord


1 x 4K/8K Video Optimized Linear Filter Outlet
1 x High-Current Outlet
4 x Linear Filter Outlets

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