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Each ATI piece is custom built to order. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for manufacturing and shipping.


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ATI Amplifier Technologies - AT7012 - 12-Ch Class A/B Distribution Amp is available to buy in increments of 1

ATI Amplifier Technologies - AT7012 - 12-Ch Class A/B Distribution Amp

ATI Amplifier Technologies Inc.

ATI Amplifier Technologies - AT7012 - 12-Channel Class A/B Distribution Amplifier

The AT7000 Series is the perfect solution for multi-room sound installations requiring the utmost in flexibility, reliability and audiophile sound quality. The AT7000 series amplifiers share the cosmetic design of the highly reviewed and popular AT500nc Series amplifiers. The AT7012 (6-Zone / 12-Channel) & AT7016 (8-Zone / 16-Channel) power amplifiers incorporate the same legendary sound and design criteria as our other award winning amplifiers. Much like the AT6012 before, each zone’s 2 channel power amp PCB has its own DC power supply. But this is where the similarities end. The AT7000 amps use a new hybrid active cooling system design, which includes the addition of ThermalTrak (R) power transistors to maintain each amplifier channel’s optimum thermal operating point. A few more new features added to the ATI Multizone amplifiers are the Global Stereo Bus Input, Auto-Selecting Universal AC Mains Voltage and the Microprocessor Controlled, Optically Isolated Protection Circuit. The AT7012 and the AT7016 both feature a class A/B output stage.


  • Zone Level Controls - The AT7000 Series amplifiers have switch-able input attenuation per zone. The attenuation can be fixed at one of five levels; 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8dB via the 4 section DIP switch for each zone.
  • Bottom panel ventilation
  • Cooling System - The AT7000 Series amplifiers use both convection and forced air, “fan”, cooling. The cooling system uses a high aspect ratio heastink, to increase surface area, and a low noise, shock mounted computer fan per 3 or 4-zone group. The fan speed is temperature and microprocessor controlled.
  • Universal AC Voltage & Soft-Start - The AT7000 Series amplifiers use ATI’s proprietary voltage-sensing power supply which automatically selects the proper voltage and is suitable for use with AC Mains voltage of 100V to 132V and 200V to 260V. The amplifier also uses ATI’s custom soft-start circuitry to minimize any turn-on power surge.
  • Remote Power On - The AT7000 Series amplifiers can be activated via a remote trigger of 3 to 24 VDC.
  • IEC Power Connector & Circuit Breaker - The AT7000 Series amplifiers are equiped with an internationally approved IEC 60320-C20 20A capable AC connector. These amplifiers also use a 20A magnetic circuit breaker for over current protection at the chassis level.
  • Power Supply - The power supply section of the AT7000 amplifiers consists of a highly efficient silicon-steel toroidal transformer core. The primary windings are designed to allow for 120VAC and 240VAC operation. The standby power supply sense the AC voltage and configures the power transformers for proper operation. The transformers also have separate bi-filar wound secondaries for each amplifier PCB providing excellent voltage regulation and current reserve. The filtering section of the power supply for each channel consists of  24,000 micro farads of capacitance!
  • Circuitry - The circuitry of the AT7000 amplifiers is totally complementary  from  input  to  output  using  dual-differental  input  stages  to pre-drivers to the full complementary, push-pull output stage.
  • Optically  Isolated  Protection  Circuit  -  This  circuit  will  automatically sense over current, high frequency oscillations, or excessive DC offset conditions. Should the circuit be activated, the output will be terminated and the operating state of the amplifier will be sampled every 10 seconds. This unique circuit is optically-coupled and microprocessor controlled, thereby eliminating any contamination of the audio signal.
  • Speaker Output Connections - The output connections are “Phoenix” style plugable terminal blocks capable of handling upto 8 AWG wire and 32 amps of current. All connectors are provided.



Channel Count
12 Channels

Zone Count
6 Zones

Power Output (FTC 20Hz - 20kHz into 8Ohms)

TDH+N (FTC 20Hz - 20kHz into 8 Ohms)
< 0.1%

Power Output (1kHz into 8 Ohms)

THD+N (1kHz into 8 Ohms)
< 0.02%

Gain (XLR/RCA)

Input Sensitivity

Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5

Signal to Noise Ration - Reference to Rated Power
Better than 100dB

Load Impedance
4 Ohms to 16 Ohms

Crosstalk - Adjacent Zones
Better than -55 dB

Crosstalk - Skipped Zones
Better than -70 dB

Crosstalk - Bank/Bank
Better than -80 dB

Output DC Offset
+/- 20mV

Power - Requirements
120 VAC 60Hz (100 - 132VAC)
240 VAC 50Hz (200 - 264VAC)
Auto Select

Power Consumption - Max
2400 W

Power Consumption - Idle
65 W

Power Consumption - Full Power 8 Ohm Load
775W per 6 Channel Bank

Chassis Dimensions (HxWxD) Without Feet
7" (4RU) x 17" x 17"
177mm x 432mm x 432mm

Chassis Dimensions (HxWxD) With Feet
7.45" x 17" x 17"
190mm x 432mm x 432mm

Shipping Dimensions (HxWxD)
15" x 24" x 25"
381mm x 610mm x 635mm

Weight - Amplifier
66 lbs (30kg)

Weight - Shipping
80 lbs (36.4 kg)

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