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Usher - Diamond TD-10 - 3-way Tower Speakers (Pair)

Usher - Diamond TD-10 - 3-way Tower Speakers (Pair)

Since its establishment, Usher has grown continuously for many years, accumulated sufficient technology and R&D experience, and has the ability to develop and produce high-performance monomers by itself. In the past, Usher's BE-10 and BE-20 top flagship speakers using beryllium metal diaphragm mid-tweeter speakers have won unanimous praise from audio professional media and advanced players all over the world in the high-end audio market; however, Usher is not satisfied with this. The BE-10 Diamond and BE-20 Diamond, which have further developed the DMD "Diamond Diaphragm" tweeter, have further improved their performance. Now not only the tweeter adopts DMD diamond diaphragm, but also the TD-10 and TD-20 equipped with DMD diamond diaphragm midrange driver are finally launched, bringing Usher's design achievements to an unprecedented peak.

The design of the loudspeaker must accommodate many conditions, including the performance of the single unit, the planning of the crossover network, the design and structure of the speaker, and many materials are indispensable. Among them, the monomer is the key factor. Whether the crossover network or the speaker structure can be gradually improved through design; but the performance of the monomer is difficult to change after the single model is selected, no matter how ideal the crossover is. Neither network planning nor speaker design can compensate for the poor performance brought about by the performance limitations of a single unit. Therefore, Usher has selected and developed the best performance monomers from the past, combined with the design experience accumulated by the manufacturer for many years, to plan the speaker system under the most ideal conditions to achieve the best performance and sound quality performance.

With the development of the speaker's single diaphragm, with the rapid progress of today's material technology, the previous metal materials such as magnesium, titanium, or even beryllium and other alloy technologies can no longer be satisfied. These metal materials have the characteristics of light weight and hardness, and have an excellent rigidity/weight ratio, which is used to make a single diaphragm with excellent performance; however, the metal diaphragm has always had an insurmountable disadvantage, that is, obvious distortion when the frequency reaches the resonance point. In order to overcome this problem, Usher developed a special process "DMD", that is, a "diamond-metal-diamond" multi-layer composite structure diaphragm, which suppresses each other with different resonance conditions of different materials, which significantly reduces the vibration caused by the diaphragm resonance. distortion.

Compared with other metal diaphragms, the DMD diamond diaphragm is both lightweight, hard and has excellent internal loss characteristics beyond the past, and also reduces distortion more effectively, so it can bring purer sound quality; in BE- On the 10 Diamond and BE-20 Diamond, the performance of the DMD Diamond Diaphragm tweeter and better sound quality have also proved that the DMD Diamond Diaphragm is a successful design. Now Usher has overcome the difficulties in the manufacturing process, including the large-diameter midrange unit also made of DMD diamond diaphragm, breaking through the limitations of traditional diaphragm materials and creating a new era of midrange units.

On the basis of the existing BE-10 Diamond and BE-20 Diamond, Usher's new TD-10 and TD-20 use the newly developed 5" DMD diamond-diaphragm midrange unit. In addition to the purer mid-range quality brought by the excellent characteristics of the DMD diamond diaphragm, the characteristics more consistent with the DMD diamond diaphragm tweeter can bring a more ideal connection between the high-range and mid-range, with more coherence range performance and a cleaner overall sound quality. The TD-10 and TD-20 using DMD diamond midrange unit also further implement Usher's design concept in performance and sound quality.

Due to the excellent characteristics of the DMD diamond-diaphragm midrange unit, a better woofer can be selected to connect to a lower sound range, so a large-diameter but high-performance woofer is required. USHER chose the German Eton "honeycomb structure sandwich cone" monomer to provide the TD-10 and TD-20's abundant and fast response low frequency requirements. Eton's sound cone adopts the same sandwich design as the DMD diamond diaphragm. The hexagonal honeycomb structure in the middle layer can maintain excellent strength under extremely light weight conditions, and push the air in a shape that is very close to the movement of the piston, providing the best low frequency extension.

The crossover points of the TD-10 and TD-20 are both set at 385Hz and 3.5kHz. We maintain the same design as the previous BE-10/20 Diamond because the DMD midrange of the TD-10/20 is also aimed at the existing BE-10/20. The optimized design of the DMD tweeter and Eton woofer, but let the new DMD midrange perform better to improve the main characteristics of the sound and the coherence of the overall sound range. This design also allows previous BE-10/20 Diamond users to directly replace the DMD midrange unit for upgrades and enjoy a more ideal sound quality performance.

The TD-10 and TD-20 follow the previous sloped baffle design to achieve consistent timing across all units, with a coherent range and phase response. The left and right side panels of the speaker are designed with a highly difficult curved surface to avoid the back-and-forth reflection of the single back wave in the general rectangular speaker. At the same time, the well-designed reinforced inner bracket structure can effectively reduce the resonance of the box and make the sound performance of the speaker clearer. Both TD-10 and TD-20 use the log exterior and the most advanced piano paint. The crystal clear texture and noble exterior design complement each other with excellent sound quality.

The TD-10 and TD-20 are the crystallization of the loudspeaker design technology accumulated by Usher for many years. They are also the best loudspeakers in Usher's history, with the top performance and excellent sound quality. The main difference between TD-10 and TD-20 is the configuration of low frequency replay capability. TD-10 is equipped with a 11" German Eton honeycomb structure sandwich cone woofer, which can extend low frequency to 24Hz and has a full range. The TD-20 is equipped with two woofers that are the same as the TD-10, and has the same low frequency extension (23Hz/±3dB) as the TD-10, but it has greater withstand power and maintains very low frequency volume in a larger space without attenuation. The performance of the TD-10/20 is also excellent.


3-Way System: Diamond DMD Dome Tweeter 1.25" (31.75mm), Diamond DMD Dome Mid-Range 5" (127mm), Woofer 11" (279.4mm)
Sensitivity: 89dB @ 1W/m
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response (±3 dB): 24Hz - 40kHz
Power Handling: 180W
Crossover Frequencies: 380Hz, 3.5kHz
Weight: 154.3 lbs (70kg)
Dimensions: H 46.5" x W 14.6" x D 28.7" (H 1180mm x W 370mm x D 730mm)
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years
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