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Tributaries - 6BW - Star-Quad Series 6 Speaker Cable - Bi-Wire (Single)

Tributaries - 6BW - Star-Quad Series 6 Speaker Cable - Bi-Wire (Single) 

Tributaries is proud to announce a complete line of high performance speaker cables. The new line includes 3 types of terminated cables: Bi-Wire, Star-Quad 2-channel, and standard 2-channel. We are offering 22 different cables in total so there is a lot to choose from!

Bi-Wire Speaker Cables are offered in 3 levels; Series 4, 6, and 8. The top of the line Series 8, is made with four 14AWG LC-OFC conductors constructed of an insulated solid 20AWG wire surrounded by 6 bundles of stranded cable. This construction offers low loss and superior imaging and maximum definition. The 8BW is available terminated using your choice of 8BP series 8 double locking banana plugs and/or 8SL series 8 spade lugs. The 6BW is the little brother to the SP8BW, having all the same attributes except this cable is made with HC-OFC conductors and comes terminated with your choice of BP106 spring clip banana plugs and/or SL8 spade lugs.


  • Hand made in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Star-Quad design reduces cable inductance and distortion
  • Four 14AWG HC-OFC conductors for superior signal transfer
  • Sophisticated multi-gauge design for superior bass, mids & highs
  • Insulated solid conductor eliminates distortion with stranded bundles
  • Gold plated spring clip banana plugs
  • Decorative woven jacket over a UL® CL2 PVC Jacket
  • Available in custom lengths, sold by each



Tributaries 6BW is a high-performance Bi-Wire Speaker cable made by hand in Orlando, Florida. The 6BW-LB is designed with heavy 14AWG High Conductivity Oxygen-Free (HC-OFC) copper conductors that are terminated with two SL8 spade lugs on the amp end and four BP106 spring clip banana plugs on the speaker end. The conductors have a unique individually insulated dual-gauge configuration for superior sound clarity. The 6BW-LB is available in each and is stocked in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft lengths with custom lengths available.


The 6BW is terminated with red & black banana plug & spade lug connectors. The wires are secured by dual screw terminals in Orlando, Florida to solid gold-plated brass BP106 spring clip banana plug and SL8 spade lug connectors.


HC-OFC Copper

Conductor 1
PE Polyethylene

Overall Insulation Material
PVC (Red / Red & White / Black / Black & White)


Outer Jacket
Decorative Outside Jacket Cover
Woven Mesh Black with Violet

UL® CL2 Rated Jacket Color

PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

Outside Diameter
13mm (12mm without decorative woven mesh)

Limited Lifetime

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