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ROK-Phono Switch
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Rek-O-Kut - Low Noise Stereo Phono/Aux Switch

Rek-O-Kut - Low Noise Stereo Phono/Aux Switch

A precise, two-way switch utilizing RCA connectors, especially suited to phono applications. Because most other switches are really designed for high-level, or "Aux" levels, they introduce hum and other noises when used with the extremely low levels produced by phono cartridges.

This switcher can be used to switch either of two phono turntables to the input phono of a hi-fi amplifier. It can also be used to add two Aux inputs to an amplifier that has only one such input and it can be used wherever one input needs to be expanded to two or visa-versa.


  • Connect two phono turntables to one phono amp input.
  • Works with Aux sources too.
  • Connects either of any two sources to any one input or any one source to either of any two inputs. Either direction.
  • All shields separated on PCB to provide extremely low noise pickup - no hum!
  • Hum-free compact and sturdy shielded steel case.
  • Gold plated RCA connectors for all inputs and outputs.
  • Does not alter sound - adds only 12 pF capacitance
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