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Earthquake - SLAPS-M10 - Mass Tuned Passive Radiator is available to buy in increments of 1

Earthquake - SLAPS-M10 - Mass Tuned Passive Radiator

Earthquake - Cinenova Grande 7 Bridgeable Power Amplifier

Earthquake - SLAPS-M10 - Mass Tuned Passive Radiator

Earthquake SLAPS are Tuned Radiators that provide additional bass, without additional amplifier power or enclosure volume. Designed to perfectly complement all most every Earthquake subwoofer, they add up to +6dB of bass for Earthquake's line of high-output subwoofers. Plus, thanks to user-tunable adjustments, they can be set to match any vehicle requirement or musical preference.

The newly released SLAPS-M is a series of mass turned passive radiators, which allows the custom home installer to tune a small box to a low frequency simply by adding mass. This task was made easy by supplying the user a chart of added mass versus tuning frequency. The user simply selects the resonance, then adds the mass.

SLAPS-M has a symmetrically loaded suspension, in which the force that moves the diaphragm outward is identical to the force that moves the diaphragm inward, thus leaving the speaker voice coil perfectly symmetrical while in motion.

When tuned to low frequencies, typical port tuned enclosures require massive long ports that tend to leak voices through. The SLAPS-M does not require added volume, rather, added mass to make the lower levels more audible.

Key System Benefits

  • Coupled with almost all woofers, SLAPS increases output without added amplifier power or enclosure volume
  • Suitable for high output needs where space is limited
  • User-tunable adjustments can be set to match a range of vehicle requirements and musical preferences.
  • Key Installation Benefits

Installs just like a subwoofer

  • Slim-mount design is only 3-inches deep
  • No increase over existing sealed subwoofer enclosure sizes
  • Easy tuning for quick adjustments


  • Patented SLAPS technology
  • Flexible tuning/no volume requirement
  • No wind noise
  • No voice leaks
  • Easy tuning for quick adjustments
  • Saves space and energy
  • Easy installation process



1.5 cu.ft.


0.4275 mm/N



4 inches


10 5/16"(261mm)
Cut-out Diameter
9 5/16" (236mm)
Mounting Depth
2" (49.9mm)

Hex Nut Size
US 5/16 (8mm)

Mass ID
5/16" (8mm)

Max Mass OD
2 7/8" (74mm)

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