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Atlantic Technology - AT3 - H-Pas Tower Speakers (Pair)

Atlantic Technology

Atlantic Technology - AT3 - H-Pas Tower Speakers (Pair)

Since our founding, Atlantic Technology’s mission is to use innovative engineering, design and build quality delivering an outstanding cost/performance ratio with products serving people who value superior music and film experiences with exceptional sound quality that exceeds their expectations and stays true to the work the artist created.

H-PAS (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System)

We introduced a unique, patented design for a game-changing bass system called H-PAS in 2011, breaking the conventional “Iron Law” of speaker acoustics that you can’t have deep bass and good sensitivity in a reasonably sized enclosure. H-PAS has a unique, proprietary internal cabinet design where the woofer’s back wave travels through an internal multi-compression chamber with an inverse horn structure for continuous compression of the bass wave and couples it to an acoustic bass trap chamber. Now, the next generation is here!


The AT-3 – Affordable High-End Sound with 1/3rd the Drivers and Half the Cabinet Size.

In today’s audio world, with the resurgence of high-quality vinyl playback gear and Hi-Res digital music, Atlantic Technology’s AT-3 is a loudspeaker that delivers stunningly accurate full-range sonic performance that’s a perfect complement for a pure two-channel music system. At the same time, the AT-3 has outstanding extended low-end dynamics that are perfect for a multichannel home-theater system. All of this in an affordable, revolutionary compact tower cabinet design.

High-Frequency Energy Control

The back panel has a three-position switch to change the relative output level of the tweeter to compensate for different room acoustics and personal taste. The +/- positions subtly adjust the tweeter output by very slight amounts over its operating range from 2 kHz to 20 kHz. These positions change the speaker’s spectral balance by adjusting the proportion of treble to bass over a wide frequency band.

Design and Features

The AT-3 is a speaker of extraordinary high performance and is intended for use in top-shelf music or home theater systems. Additional high-quality details make the AT-3 a perfect fit for a high-end audio system.

Cast Iron Spiked Feet

Heavy-duty cast iron feet with spikes are included with the AT-3 to solidly couple the speaker to carpeted flooring. Adjustable spikes allow the speakers to be leveled and optional rubber feet are also provided to protect hardwood floors and provide a solid, vibration-free foundation.

Dual 5-Way Binding Posts

Gold-plated binding posts are made to accommodate heavy-gauge cable or banana connectors.
Plus removable terminal straps allow for bi-wiring or bi-amplification when ultimate performance is the goal.

Cosmetic Details for a Refined Look

Wire management guides for the cabinet back are included for an uncluttered installation. The magnetic detachable grille frames with acoustically transparent grille cloth provide an easy option between appearance and performance.



H-PAS Two-Way Array

Woofers: 6.5" High-Resonance
High Xmax, Concave Fiberglass Cone

Frequency Response   
29Hz – 13kHz ±3dB
13k – 20kHz ±4dB

Nominal Impedance   
6 Ohms

Cross Frequency   
2.2 k Hz

Crossover Type   
Parallel, 2nd Order High-Pass, Low-Pass

85 dB

Recommended Amplifier Power   
50 - 250W RMS

Dimensions (w/ grilles)    
9.5” W x 39.6” H x 12” D (w/o feet)
9.5” W x 41.9” H x 12” D (with feet)

Weight (each)   
57lbs (25.8kg)

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