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WireWorld - Ultraviolet Displayport (UDP) - HDMI Cable

WireWorld - Ultraviolet (UDP) Displayport Video

WireWorld - Ultraviolet Displayport (UDP) - HDMI Cable

The Ultraviolet™ DisplayPort utilises special design features that allows it to function over significantly longer runs than conventional DisplayPort cables at bandwidth of 10.2Gbs and provides improved picture quality.

As a truly digital interface, DisplayPort enables you to get the full experience from your monitor. The DisplayPort cable features an innovative, micro-packet architecture and includes a bi-directional auxiliary channel for two way communications between a PC and a display. This modern architecture enables exciting display capabilities and is designed to enable maximum display performance.

The first version of DisplayPort provides over twice the capacity of single-channel DVI over the same number of wires through a much smaller and easier to use connector. The DisplayPort delivers 10.2Gbps of bandwidth as a standard feature over a USB sized connector.

It replaces the clunky DVI interface and eventually replaces the analogue VGA interface on displays and PCs with an innovative digital solution that supports the latest graphics and LCD technologies. DisplayPort assures that you get the best experience from your LCD, enables interoperability with existing display interfaces and provides a technology foundation to deliver new and exciting display capabilities.


  • Silver-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor Material
  • Polyethylene Foam Insulation
  • 24k Gold-Plated Plug Contacts
  • Compatible with the following:
    • Ideal upgrade for Pioneer Kuro TVs KRP-500A & KRP-600A (between the screen and the media box).
    • Dell UltraSharp LCD monitors e.g. 3008WFP featuring DisplayPort connection
    • AMD ATI graphics cards: ATI Radeon HD3450, HD3650, FireGL V7700 & HD3200 series graphic cards


Conductor Material
Silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper

Polyethylene Foam

Plug Contacts
24K gold plated


Item/Shipping Weight
5 lbs

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