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WireWorld - Starlight 7 (STA) - XLR Balanced Digital Audio Cable (Single)

WireWorld - Starlight 7 (STA) Balanced Digital Audio Cable

WireWorld - Starlight 7 (STA) - XLR Balanced Digital Audio Cable (Single)

Created by reducing the silver content of the Silver Starlight® design and switching to a less costly silver-clad OFC shield, Starlight® 7 is the only digital audio cable to offer leading-edge technology, materials and performance, in the price range of commonly available coaxial digital audio cables.

"WireWorld has pulled off another cracker with the Starlight 7. It's an intriguing design, but it sounds great, providing the energy to out-muscle its Chord and QED rivals, plus the high-frequency polish and spaciousness to comprehensively eclipse them. At the price, it's something of a steal."


  • Tri DNA Helix
  • Composilex 2 Insulation
  • Silver-Clad Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor
  • Silver-Clad Copper Alloy Plug Contacts


Tri DNA Helix

Signal Conductors
Gauge: 26AWG | 0.13 sq. mm

Conductor Material
Silver-Clad Oxygen-Free Copper

Composilex 2

Plug Contacts
Silver-Clad Copper Alloy

110 Ohms

Connector Option: XLR to XLR

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