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WireWorld - Platinum Eclipse 8 (PEI) - RCA Audio Interconnect Cable (Pair)

WireWorld - Platinum Eclipse 8 (PEI) - Audio Interconnects (Pair)

WireWorld - Platinum Eclipse 8 (PEI) RCA Audio Interconnect Cable (Pair)

This is the cable for elite reference systems. Supremely transparent, with breathtaking dynamics and holographic imaging, Platinum Eclipse 8 provides the closest sound to the ultimate purity of a direct connection. Carbon fiber plugs add a level of high tech elegance that makes these exceptional cables look as good as they sound.

From the recording microphones to our ears, the better the links in the audio chain, the more musical detail and expression we hear. Wireworld interconnects are designed, tested and manufactured to provide the most sonically transparent path for your music. Their patented DNA Helix internal structure consists of parallel strands in layered flat conductors that channel electromagnetic signal energy more efficiently than coaxial and twisted pair cables.

They also benefit from Composilex 3, a third generation composite insulation technology with lower triboelectric noise than any conventional low loss insulation, including DuPont Teflon®. With upgraded designs and superior materials, Wireworld Series 8 interconnects embody real progress in preserving tone quality, imaging, and dynamic expression.

Series 8 Upgrades

The upgrade to Composilex 3 in Series 8 interconnects improves tonal purity and image focus, while the increased number of strand groups has increased detail, soundstage separation, bass extension and dynamic expression.


  • Quad DNA Helix Design
  • OCC®-7N Solid Silver Conductors
  • Composilex 3 - Third generation composite insulation


Quad DNA Helix

Signal Conductors
Qty: 4
Gauge: 17 AWG
1 sq. mm

Conductor Material
OCC®-7N Solid Silver

Composilex 3

Plug Contacts
Silver-Clad OFC

2 RCA Males to 2 RCA Males

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