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WireWorld - Aurora 7 (AUP) - Power Conditioning Cord (12 AWG)

WireWorld - Aurora 7 (AUP) Power Cord

WireWorld - Aurora 7 (AUP) - Power Conditioning Cord (12 AWG)

The Aurora 7 is a high performance power cord which offers exceptional value for money. It features Silver-clad oxygen-free copper conductors and moulded connectors with Brass contacts. A perfect choice for mid-range Audio systems and high-end Video displays.

All of the Series 7 cables feature Composilex 2 insulation technology, which minimizes the triboelectric noise produced by conventional insulation materials. “Many understand that insulation materials influence the performance of a cable,” comments Wireworld President and lead designer David Salz. ”What we did to advance the technology of insulation is create unique polymer composites designed specifically to optimize fidelity.” The benefits of Composilex 2 are especially noticeable on Series 7 HDMI cables, audio interconnects and power cords, where the reduced interference greatly improves performance.

Series 7 also includes an extensive line of professional and musical instrument cables, featuring what is believed to be the world’s first 1⁄4” phone plugs with silver-clad copper contacts. Developed through the advanced measurement technique of ‘waveform differential analysis,’ these cables promise dramatic improvements in waveform fidelity for both analog and 110-ohm balanced digital applications. With five levels of microphone, instrument and digital cables, musicians and engineers will now have an exciting new way to upgrade the sound quality of their productions.

WireWorld Power Cable Types

WireWorld power cable compared to standard power cable


Cleaner power supply........Improved Sound & PicturePower cords cross section The performance of audio and video components is often degraded by the noise present on the power line.

This noise comes from radio transmitters, electric motors, fluorescent lighting, dimmer switches, digital power supplies and numerous other sources.

WireWorld's Noise Filtering Array™ power cords are designed to solve a completely different set of problems than audio and video cables. An ideal audio or video cable would pass the entire frequency range without alteration. However, an ideal power cord would pass only the 50Hz or 60Hz AC power, while blocking all other frequencies, thus preventing power line noise and harmonics from degrading the sound and imaging quality of the system.


Fluxfield Technology

Signal Conductors
Qty: 20 | Gauge: 12AWG | 3 sq. mm

Conductor Material
Silver-clad OFC

Composilex 2

Plug Contacts
Silver-clad Copper Alloy

Note: Globe-Grip plugs

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