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Hurricane EVO
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Waterfall Audio - Hurricane EVO Speaker (Single)

Waterfall Audio - Hurricane EVO (Single) Speaker
Waterfall Audio - Hurricane EVO Speaker (Single) Waterfall Audio - Hurricane EVO (Single) Speaker Waterfall Audio - Hurricane EVO Speaker (Single) Waterfall Audio - Hurricane EVO Speaker (Single)
Waterfall Audio

Waterfall Audio - Hurricane EVO Speaker (Single)  

Hurricane Evo loudspeakers have a beautiful design with glass baffles less than 3 inches in depth that make it appear as if the speakers are floating. Another element of the design is the Heatstream technology, which eliminates heat buildup that can occur during long listening sessions at high volume levels.

hurrican evo


• On wall : in a vertical position : 2 options with 2 different angled wall brackets : flat
against the wall or at an angle. Also compatible with some ball joint rotating bracket
• On wall : horizontal position : optional accessory/bracket.
• On shelf stand for bookshelf or table positioning, with an optional metal shelf
• As floorstanding with optional tall metal stands, available in 3 colors.

Audio Applications:

• Audio video systems 2.1 or 5.1 in combination with a
Waterfall High Force Subwoofer from the High Force
Subwoofer range (HF1 for rooms 25 m2, HF2 : 20 to
50m2, HF3 : 30 to 80m2).
• Surround speaker, can be associated to a pair of
Iguasçu Evo or Victoria Evo as front speakers.
• High performance HiFi stereo system in 2.1 teamed
with the HF2 subwoofer.
• Without a subwoofer, positioned in the corners of a
room suitable for multi room sound, ambiance music,
sound in conference rooms, shops, restaurants and
clubs. Also ideal for quality TV sound.


  • On Wall speaker / satellite (wall bracket supplied).
  • Excellent finish, safety glass and technical parts in die cast aluminum.
  • Very high power handling (Heatstream technology).
  • Very slim : 8 cm thickness.
  • Unequaled performances for this very compact speaker that can be associated to flat panel TVs and capable to function without a subwoofer in some multi-room applications (bass extension to 95Hz). 
  • Interior design flexibility : choice of 3 body colors with matching magnetic grills: black, silver or white.


        2 ways , closed

Recommended amplifier
        50-150 Watts

Peak power
        300 Watts (without clipping)

Impedance (moyen/mini)
        8 / 4 Ohms

        87 dB(2,83V/1m)

Frequency response
        100 Hz - 28 Khz ( +/- 3dB)

Bass/midrange driver
        100mm / 4", Atohm LD 100

        20mm, Atohm SD 20

       180x275x80 ( WxHxD en mm)

        4.5 lbs / 2 Kg

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