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Velodyne - SC-600 - In-Wall Subwoofer

Velodyne - SC-600 - In-Wall Subwoofer

Velodyne - SC600 In-Wall Subwoofer

The SC-600 IW delivers budget-friendly, deep bass with low distortion in the 37 Hz to 120 Hz range at 3dB down from two 6.5" active drivers and two 12.5" x 3" passive drivers. It installs neatly behind a flush grille into both new construction and retrofits within a standard 2x4 framed wall. The SC-600 IW comes in a sealed cabinet, so you don't need to use any other boxes in the install. The SC-600 IW with its unique design vibrates walls 50% less than conventional in-wall designs.

The SC-600 IW is an affordable in-wall subwoofer that fits flush in a standard 2x4 studded wall yet delivers high output, dynamic bass for music and home theater. The unique four driver design, driven by a perfectly matched 400 watt dynamic power, 200 watt RMS amplifier, reproduces the most demanding home theater, musical or gaming material with incredible authority, accuracy and low distortion.

Four Driver Configuration

The SC-SOO IW incorporates two active long throw, S.5" drivers with 2" two layer voice coils and two 14" x 3.5" passive radiators in a counterbalanced design that limits wall vibration. This unique approach creates as much bass radiating surface as a 14.5" driver, but fits easily in a 2" x 4" wall with a small 1S.5" x 14.25" footprint.

Easy to Install Design Preliminary

The SC-SOO IW features a unique mounting system that accomodates both new construction and retrofit situations. The sealed cabinet attaches to standard 2x4 studs using six drywall screws, three on each side, while the top and bottom of the enclosure are secured to the drywall using four clamps. The perforated, paintable metal grill presses tightly into the cabinet to form a small, low silhouette that virtually disappears into the wall.

Easy to Configure

The SC-SOO IW is driven by the SC-SOO rack-mountable amplifier that features 400 watts dynamic power and 200 watts of continuous RMS power. The SC-SOO is precisely tuned with DSP control. and has a built-in test tone generator, 7 -band automatic room equalizer, microphone, 12-volt trigger, IR repeater jack, RS-232 control port (Crestron Certified). and comes with a full feature remote control with four listening presets. The crossover and volume controls, and mic jack for room bass EQ are on the front panel making setup a breeze.

Reliable Class AlB Alnplifier

The SC-6OO amp uses a proven Velodyne amplifier that's precisely tuned using digital technology to either the SC-6OO IW or IF IIC by simply entering the model. With 400 watts dynamic power and 200 watts of continuous RMS power, it guarantees more than enough headroom to reproduce the impact and excitement of the most dramatic special effects and the lowest musical frequencies with detail and definition.

CSP Accuracy

Velodyne's digital DSP technology maximizes usable amplifier power and provides maximum available cone travel without overdriving. The software parameters used in the SC-600 amp are customized for use with either the SC-6OO IW or the SC-600 IF IIC, and are selected on the front panel when installing the amplifier. With digital precision , it is possible to achieve the maximum allowable performance from both the amplifier and woofer motor structure without overdriving either. The result is deeper bass extension, bigger impact and less distortion.

Auto-EGa Rooln Bass Correction

Subwoofer placement in a room can dramatically impact its performance. To assure optimum performance a subwoofer must be tuned and equalized for its room environment and placement. Place the included microphone in the preferred listening position and simply push the "EQ" button on the remote control. The internal signal generator plays a series of tones that are read and analyzed by the DSP which auto-adjusts the 7-band equalizer to provide the best bass performance regardless of woofer placement.

**If you are buying an SC-600 IW subwoofer, you must power it with either an SC-600D or SC-602 amplifier to reap the benefits of the model-specific EQ settings; no other amplifier includes these.**


  • Easy install in retro fit or new construction, with integrated cabinet; just cut, plug and play
  • New construction mud-ring is available as a place-holder
  • Amazing deep, powerful, low distortion bass performance
  • Minimum wall vibration via the unique triple vector design
  • Low-profile design virtually disappears, fitting flush in a standard 2x4 wall
  • Very reliable, with a strong 5-year parts and labor speaker warranty


Product Velodyne SC-600 Subwoofer
Length No
Accessories N/A
Amplifier N/A
Auto On/Off No
Cabinet Design Active/Passive
Color White Vinyl
Dimensions 18.6" x 16.5" x 4.3" 47.2 x 42 x 11 cm
Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB) 23.25-250 Hz, 34.25-180 Hz
HiPass Crossover N/A
LoPass Crossover N/A
Phase control No
Removable Grille Yes
Shipping Weight 22 lbs. (9 kg)
Size No
Voice Coil 4-layer copper
Warranty (North America) Two years (drivers - parts & labor)

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