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Tripp Lite - HTR051U 7-Outlets Audio/Video AVR Series UPS System

Tripp Lite - HTR051U 7-Outlets Audio/Video AVR Series UPS System

Battery-derived sine wave AC output is provided by the HTR05-1U during power outages, voltage regulation during brownouts and network-grade AC surge suppression. The 500VA/300W power handling capability is compatible with projectors, media center PCs, music server, micro display devices and other electronic devices. 120V nominal output is maintained during brownouts as low as 90V. 17min. runtime at half load and 5 min. runtime at full load is provided with the large internal batteries.

Sensitive A/V components are protected from damage due to transient surges with the network-grade AC surge supprions. It also filters disruptive EMI/RFI line noise improving component performance.


  • EMI / RFI AC noise suppression
  • Includes 6 UPS-supported outlets with a single outlet load bank that can be powered on and off again via software interface. An additional surge-only outlet powers accessories not requiring battery support
  • PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software enables configurable network broadcast messaging, pager and email notification, event logging and running user-defined script commands
  • Communication ports support messaging of UPS and line power status, including on-battery, low-battery, power restored, AC line voltage, DC battery voltage and remaining battery capacity
  • Built-in accessory slot supports SNMP with optional SNMPWEBCARD adapter
  • Multi-function audible alarms and 5 front panel LEDs
  • UPS battery set ships fully assembled and ready for installation; no time-consuming connection of internal batteries by user is necessary
  • Supports 1U rackmount and upright tower installation
  • Attractive all-black color scheme


Output VA

Output watts

Output nominal voltage

Output voltage regulation LINE MODE
        Sine wave line voltage 120V (-15% +13%)

Output voltage regulation BATTERY MODE
        PWM sine wave output within 10% of 120V

Output frequency regulation LINE MODE
        Passes line frequency of 60Hz +/-10%

Output frequency regulation BATTERY MODE
        Inverter output regulated to 60Hz +/-1Hz

Outlet quantity / type
        7 x NEMA 5-15R (6 UPS, 1 surge only)

Overload protection
        15A input breaker

Maximum input amps

Input connection type
        NEMA 5-15P

Input cord length
        10 ft., 14 gauge, Black

Recommended electrical service
        15A 120V

Full load runtime
        5 min. (500VA)

Half load runtime
        17 min. (250VA)

DC system voltage
        12 VDC

Typical battery lifespan
        3-6 years, depending on usage

Battery recharge rate
        2-4 hours to 90%

Replacement Battery Cartridge

Voltage regulation description
        Line interactive voltage regulation system corrects brownouts as low as 90 volts back to usable 120V nominal levels

Brownout correction
        Input voltages between 90V and 108V are boosted by 14%

AC surge suppression
        480 joules

AC suppression response time

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