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Tributaries - 6BW-LB Terminated Bi-Wire Star Quad Speaker Cable

Tributaries - 6BW-LB Terminated Bi-Wire Star Quad Speaker Cable
Tributaries - 6BW-LB Terminated Bi-Wire Star Quad Speaker Cable Tributaries - 6BW-LB Terminated Bi-Wire Star Quad Speaker Cable

Tributaries - 6BW-LB Terminated Bi-Wire Star Quad Speaker Cable 

Tributaries is proud to announce a complete line of high performance speaker cables. The new line includes 3 types of
terminated cables: Bi-Wire, Star-Quad 2-channel, and standard 2-channel. We are offering 22 different cables in total so
there is a lot to choose from!


Bi-Wire Speaker Cables are offered in 2 levels; Series 8 and 6. The top of the line Series 8,
8BW, is made with four 14AWG LC-OFC conductors constructed of an insulated solid 20AWG
wire surrounded by 6 bundles of stranded cable. This construction offers low loss and superior
imaging and maximum definition. The 8BW is available terminated using your choice of 8BP
series 8 double locking banana plugs and/or 8SL series 8 spade lugs. The 6BW is the little
brother to the SP8BW, having all the same attributes except this cable is made with HC-OFC
conductors and comes terminated with your choice of BP106 spring clip banana plugs and/or
SL8 spade lugs.

Star-Quad 2-Channel Speaker Cables
These 2-channel speaker cables made with SP8BW and SP6BW have Star-Quad geometry. Star-Quad geometry consists of four equalconductors wound together in a “plus, minus, plus, minus configuration to reduce noise and distortion. Tributaries offer 2 levels; the 8SP and the 6SP combine four conductors into two thereby increasing the conductor gauge size from 14 to 11. The large 11AWG size will lower the cable’s resistance and provide higher current capability. 8SP is terminated with Series 8 speaker connectors and Series 6 is terminated with BP106 and SL8.

Standard 2-Channel Speaker Cables
Last but not least, we offer standard 2-channel speaker cables. Having a great price for
performance, these Siamese cables are the workhorse of the line. Tributaries offers 3
cables in this category; 8SP12 terminated with Series 8 speaker connectors, 5SP12
terminated with BP101 or SL8 and 5SP14 terminated with BP103 or SL8.




  • Hand made in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Star-Quad design reduces cable inductance and distortion
  • Four 14AWG HC-OFC conductors for superior signal transfer
  • Sophisticated multi-gauge design for superior bass, mids & highs
  • Insulated solid conductor eliminates distortion with stranded bundles
  • Gold plated spring clip banana plugs
  • Decorative woven jacket over a UL® CL2 PVC Jacket
  • Available in custom lengths, sold by each



Tributaries 6BW-LB is a high-performance Bi-Wire Speaker cable made by hand in Orlando, Florida. The 6BW-LB is designed with heavy 14AWG High Conductivity Oxygen-Free (HC-OFC) copper conductors that are terminated with two SL8 spade lugs on the amp end and four BP106 spring clip banana plugs on the speaker end. The conductors have a unique individually insulated dual-gauge configuration for superior sound clarity. The 6BW-LB is available in each and is stocked in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft lengths with custom lengths available


The 6BW is terminated with red & black banana plug & spade lug connectors. The wires are secured by dual screw terminals in Orlando, Florida to solid gold-plated brass BP106 spring clip banana plug and SL8 spade lug connectors.






HC-OFC Copper


Conductor 1

PE Polyethylene

Overall Insulation Material

PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride




Outer Jacket

Decorative Outside Jacket Cover

Woven Mesh Black w/ Violet

UL® CL2 Rated Jacket Color



PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

Outside Diameter


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