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Titan Products - SofaLift

Titan Products - SofaLift
Titan Products - SofaLift Titan Products - SofaLift Titan Products - SofaLift Titan Products - SofaLift

Titan Products - SofaLift

The Sofa-Lift allows you to easily lift sofas and large chairs with just one hand! The sofa then stays lifted to allow for cleaning underneath. It's easy to lift & then staff can just easily push the furniture right back down. Protect yourself, and staff, from work related injuries.

It universally mounts to standard, motion & sleeper sofas as well as over-sized chairs. A low-profile design hides the product under the furniture while not in use. ADA compliant.


  • Quick and easy installation - Fits all standard sofas, motion sofas, sleeper chairs and sleeper sofas.
  • Raises and lifts the sofa off the floor - Provides immediate access for retrieving lost items, vacuuming and carpet cleaning.
  • Simple to use one-touch operation - Prevents muscle strains, pains and back injuries due to lifting or moving heavy sofas.
  • High return on small investment - Less manpower needed to lift sofas. Will reduce related comp claims and sick time.
  • Easy and convenient cleaning promotes healthy living - Reduces airborne allergens, mold spores and dust mites for fresher air in living areas.
  • Manufactured with highest quality components - The SofaLift will outlast the sofa you install it on.
  • No cords, cables or wires - Built in gas-assist lift system provides a lifetime of high capacity lifting power.
  • Guides sleeper sofa bedding back into place - Prevents sleeper bedding from sagging by reinforcing the bedding mechanism.
  • Sleek low-profile design - Stays hidden and out of sight until you need it.
  • Affordable and effective - Ideal for both home and commercial use.
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