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TC Helicon - PERFORM-VE - Realtime Vocal Sampler W/ MIDI is available to buy in increments of 1

TC Helicon - PERFORM-VE - Realtime Vocal Sampler W/ MIDI

TC Helicon - PERFORM-VE - Realtime Vocal Sampler W/ MIDI

Revolutionary Vocal Manipulator with MIDI-Pitch-Controlled Sampling, Vocal Synth and One-Button Drum Looper

PERFORM-VE lets you instantly create iconic vocal sounds from today’s most popular EDM, Pop, and Dance recordings. With everything from real-time pitch flattening and extreme sample manipulation to tried and true spatial effects, filtering and looping, PERFORM-VE turns every show into a captivating performance.

Do It Again
Record your vocal samples live, modify them, and then replay them via MIDI control to give a truly interactive and dynamic performance.

Do It Weird
You can easily use the PERFORM-VE to shift, modulate and mangle your vocals with the synth vocoder effect for a completely transformed sound that will mesmerize your audience.

Do It Faster
PERFORM-VE’s innovative one-button looper with built-in drum samples lets you build impressive sounds on the fly.

Do It in Sync
Keep your gear in sync thanks to PERFORM-VE’s ability to receive MIDI tempo data from a wide range of external devices – unlimited versatility.

Do It Cleaner
PERFORM-VE’s Adaptive tone automatically applies EQ, compression, de-essing, and gating optimization, so vocals always sound clean and clear – letting you focus on the fun stuff.

Do It for Keeps
Multi-channel USB audio lets you easily send audio to and from PERFORM-VE, bringing the studio to the stage and back again.

Do It Standing
PERFORM-VE’s custom-designed mic-stand mount gets you set up and running in seconds, putting complete control right at your fingertips.


  • Revolutionary vocal sound designer gives you maximum sonic diversity with MIDI-pitch-controlled sampling, vocal synth, and an easy one-button drum looper
  • Sample your voice, flatten the pitch and replay via MIDI control
  • Shift, modulate and mangle your vocals with synth vocoder effect
  • Innovative one-button looper with built-in drum samples lets you build sounds quickly
  • Receive MIDI tempo from external devices to keep everything in sync
  • Adaptive Tone for perfect EQ, compression, de-essing and gating
  • High-quality, low-noise mic preamp for pristine vocals
  • USB for streaming audio, preset downloads and firmware updates
  • Designed and engineered in Canada
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