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Tannoy - Supertweeter - Extended Frequency Response Tweeter (Single) is available to buy in increments of 1

Tannoy - Supertweeter - Extended Frequency Response Tweeter (Single)

Tannoy - Supertweeter - Extended Frequency Response Tweeter (Single)

Prestige GR Supertweeter-GO

Audio is a powerful component of the cinematic experience; it envelopes you in the action, tugs at your emotions, and brings an unparalleled level of enjoyment to the presentation. The Supertweeter-GO brings that level of performance to your home environment in a luxurious high end oiled American walnut plinth with gold anodised tweeter housing and trim that is as pleasing to the eye – as it is to the ear. Supertweeter-GO elevates your audio content to the levels envisioned by the original mastering engineer – all of which needs to be experienced in all its unabridged beauty, detail, and nuance. A truly great loudspeaker design enables the speaker system to remove itself from the soundscape, and presents the sonic experience in a manner that transports you to a higher plane. Innovation and outstanding performance – that is the Supertweeter-GO.

Studio Quality Audio in Your Home
The perfect companion to your Prestige Gold Reference or other legacy speaker models, Supertweeter-GO provides class-leading coherence and point-source imaging for that highly sought after truly natural sound. The 700-Watt 25 mm magnesium alloy dome and neodymium magnet system enables the Supertweeter-GO to bring unparalleled realism into your home across a wide frequency range with an almost total lack of colouration. Many of the world’s greatest hits have been recorded and mixed using TANNOY studio monitors, and listening to these speakers will turn your living room into a fully-fledged entertainment centre.

Fine Tune Your Experience
At the heart of the Supertweeter-GO’s superb performance you will find a plethora of custom-tailoring options including: three adjustable crossover points ranging from 14 - 18 kHz, five level selections from 89 - 95 dB. These gold plated brass setting screws allow you to use your Supertweeter-GO with a wide variety of Tannoy loudspeakers. Additionally, the tweeter pod angle can be adjusted to compensate for differing cabinet heights for the ideal enhanced experience. By exceeding the rigorous demands of the recording and mastering environment, Supertweeter-GO ensures that playback performance in the home for stereo or multi-channel home cinema is strictly controlled to accurately reflect the sound engineer’s artistry.

Outstanding Components are Just the Beginning
It takes a lot more than quality materials and hand-selected drivers to build a great loudspeaker; it takes engineering experience with a deep understanding of acoustics, dedicated craftsmanship, inspiration, and a healthy dose of imagination. For example, Supertweeter-GO’s low loss crossovers feature ICW ClarityCap* capacitors, air cored inductors, and close tolerance non-inductive thick film resistors for a more natural and transparent sound that extends from 14 kHz out to 61 kHz and beyond. Going a step further, silver-plated oxygen-free copper wiring and gold-plated brass binding posts ensure vibrantly pristine audio performance.

The Legacy Lives On
Tannoy’s long and storied legacy lives on in the Supertweeter-GO Extended Frequency Response Tweeter; a legacy that has endured the test of time and adapted with the evolution of technology. Supertweeter-GO simply has to be experienced...


  • Extended frequency response tweeter for TANNOY PRESTIGE GR range and other legacy speaker models to enhance reproduction of wide band digital audio formats
  • 25 mm SuperTweeter with magnesium alloy dome and neodymium magnet system extends response to 61 kHz to complement performance of wideband digital formats and increase resolution and detail
  • Very wide system audio bandwidth minimises phase error artefacts to preserve coherence and detail of sound image
  • Low loss crossovers featuring ICW ClarityCap* capacitors, air cored inductors and close tolerance non-inductive thick film resistors deliver a more natural and transparent sound
  • Sensitivity and crossover point adjustable by gold plated brass setting screws to match any TANNOY model
  • Tweeter pod angle adjustment to compensate for differing cabinet heights
  • Easy setup for different loudspeaker models with included calibrated location gauge
  • Gold plated brass binding posts improve signal transmission and integrity
  • Oxygen free copper with high purity silver plating aids resolution of fine detail
  • Earth binding post provides grounding to reduce radio interference and improve clarity
  • Hand crafted American Walnut plinth with gold anodised tweeter housing and trims to match PRESTIGE GR finish and provide a unique and timeless appearance
  • 90 years of British sound heritage and innovation
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in United Kingdom



Recommended amplifier power (Watts RMS)
Up to 350 Watts RMS

Continuous power handling (Watts RMS)
175 Watts RMS
700 Watts peak

Maximum sensitivity
(2.83V @ 1m) 95 dB

Nominal impedance
8 Ohms

Frequency response
(-6dB) 62 kHz, usable output (-18 dB) to 100 kHz

Drive Units:

Driver type
25 mm diameter 44 micron magnesium alloy dome, with neodymium magnet system


Crossover type
3rd order high pass

Crossover frequency
14, 16 or 18 kHz adjustable

Level adjustment
89 dB, 90.5 dB, 92 dB, 93.5 dB, 95 dB


Dimensions (H x W x D)
130.4 x 146.9 x 206.2 mm (5.1 x 5.8 x 8.1”)

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