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Straight Wire - Virtuoso H - Speaker Cables (Pair)

Straight Wire - Virtuoso H Speaker Cables

Straight Wire - Virtuoso H Speaker Cables (Pair) 

Virtuoso H speaker cable featuring a unique cable structure, which incorporates the best aspects of our renowned symmetrical coaxial and advanced helix designs. Six stranded conductor groups of heavy Silver Plated OFHC Copper are compressed and helically twisted around a non-conductive core to comprise the positive conductor group. Two Silver Plated OFHC braid shields with a Foam Polypropylene dielectric between them comprise the negative conductor group. The inner helical positive conductors permit effortless dynamics, a full luscious mid-range and sound stage realism. The negative braid shields offer symmetrical electromagnetic control for pinpoint high frequency details, tight controlled bass and other mechanical advantages.

Virtuoso H has been calibrated to match the widest array of reference speakers. Instruments and voices are precisely placed in your room with a level of realism that will make you shiver during dynamic passages.


        Clear over Black / Platinum Braid

        Symmetrical HELIX

         Micro Foam PTFE

        Certified Coated Silver/Copper


Optional IBW - Internally Bi-wireable cable

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