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Straight Wire - Expressivo II - RCA Interconnect Cable (Pair)

Straight Wire

Straight Wire - Expressivo II - RCA Interconnect Cable (Pair)

Expressivo IC incorporates Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) with 4 “air suspended” conductors at 21 AWG (American Wire Gauge) of compressed OFHC Copper. Multiple low dielectric insulation optimize mechanical and electrical performance. It combines CCT with a modified Star Quad Helix design that conveys musical nuances together with dynamic passages in a lifelike, un-restrained balance for highly refined components.

The air space and soundstage are remarkably well defined with a quick, accurate pace. Upper register frequencies have appropriate speed and timbre with clear harmonic structure. Mid level passages offer natural sibilance and emotional character that bring you closer to your favorite recordings. Mid-bass is tight with appropriate decay while lower registers are full of force with true impact.

XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination (tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along with standard RCA termination.



        Advanced Helix

        Foam PE / PP

        Compressed OFHC

        Premium Gold

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