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Stage 3 - Speaker Jumpers - Pure Silver Conductors (Set of 4)

Stage 3 - Speaker Jumpers - Pure Silver Conductors (Set of 4)

If your speakers are bi-wireable, but you are not using bi-wire speaker cables, quality speaker jumpers can make a dramatic sonic improvement. The jumpers provided with most speakers can actually limit full performance. 

The construction and level of performance of STAGE III speaker jumpers corresponds with the speaker cables of the same name: 

BARON speaker jumpers use a single large AeroStrand™ ribbon conductor.
MAGNUS speaker jumpers have 6 AeroStrand Micro™ conductors and are un-shielded.
REFERENCE speaker jumpers employ 8 palladium/silver alloy AeroStrand Ultra™ conductors and are 100% shielded with H.D.A. 

All speaker jumpers are available in custom lengths and use solid silver spades as standard termination (banana terminations optional).

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