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SoundTube - MA3501T - 350 Watt Class G Mono-Block Amplifier

SoundTube - MA3501T - 350 Watt Class G Mono-Block Amplifier


Designed for distributed sound applications, the MA3501t amplifier incorporates large toroidal power and audio output transformers for high power handling, and offers transformer taps at 25, 70 and 100 volts plus bypass mode. It delivers 350 watts into 4ohms, 25V, 70V and 100V; and 225 watts into 8 ohms, with a frequency response of 30 Hz – 35 kHz +/- 0.5 dB. Inputs are RCA (unbalanced) and Euroblock (balanced) connectors, with outputs to speakers via Euroblock connectors. A selectable limiter is provided, along with a 3 position subsonic filter (40Hz, 60Hz or off); auto music sensing and a 12V trigger option are provided for remote activation / deactivation.

The unit occupies two rack units; it is fan-cooled and offers overload, short circuit and heat protection along with peak output protection. All controls for the MA3501t are presented on the rear panel to deter tampering with levels or settings. The MA3501t is for use with SoundTube and Rockustics products. When in use in conjunction with outdoor speakers, the amp should be placed inside or in a weatherproof concealment.

The SOUNDTUBE MA3501t audio distribution amplifier is a high performance audio amplifier that is designed for continuous use in commercial applications. The high efficiency Class “G” amplifier design offers high performance in a compact design and utilizes 2 large and efficient toroidal transformers in the amplifier power and audio output sections.
The power transformer is a very high current design for sustained high power output and can operate with multiple input mains voltage and is thermally protected. The audio output transformer is a very low distortion design that provides very clean audio output at high power levels for 25V, 70V or 100V audio distribution systems. The MA3501t amplifier also has a direct speaker output option that bypasses the transformer for those applications where it is necessary to operate 4-16 ohm speaker systems. All of this performance is in an amplifier that is only 2RU in height.


  • 350W at 4 ohms direct or 25V, 70V, 100V isolated outputs
  • Efficient Class G high current mono-block amplifier
  • Large Torroidal power transformer and audio output transformer
  • Selectable high pass/subsonic filter
  • Euro block balanced and dual unbalanced RCA inputs
  • Selectable 12V and auto signal sense remote turn on and stand by options
  • Selectable peak/clipping limiter
  • High current euro block output connectors
  • Dual 115VAC/230VAC operation
  • Wind tunnel flow through cooling with variable speed thermostatically controlled fan
  • Overload, short circuit and thermal protection circuits
  • Power/standby, clipping and protection LED indicators
  • Compact 2U Rack space chassis


Product MA3501T - 350 Watt Class G Mono-Block Amplifier
Nominal Impedance 30 Hz – 65 kHz +0, -3 dB Direct 30 Hz – 50 kHz +0, -3 dB Transformer
Input Impedance 20K unbalanced, 10K balanced
Input Sensitivity 175 mV for full output unbalanced/balanced/Variable
THD+ Noise <.05% 20-20kHz below rated output power
Max. Program Power 40Hz – 60 Hz
Power per Channel @ < 10 % THD Direct Output 350W – 25V/70V/100V < .1% THD Transformer Output
Power per Channel @ < 1 % THD 350 Watts RMS < .1% THD @ 4 Ohms, 700 Watts peak
Bridged Mono Power @ < 1 % THD Direct Output 225 Watts RMS < .1% THD @ 8 Ohms, 400 Watts peak
Power Requirements 120V: 3A @ 8 ohms, 5.5A @ 4 Ohms
Amplifier Output Power 225 Watts RMS < .1% THD @ 8 Ohms, 400 Watts peak, Direct Output 350W – 25V/70V/100V < .1% THD Transformer Output
Inputs Dual RCA Unbalanced/Single Euro Block Balanced
Height 88.9 mm / Without Feet: 3.5 in
Diamater 482.6 mm / 19 in
Weight 13.38 kg / 29.5 lbs
Packaging One per box
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