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Sound Quest - Nixie Tube Clock (NT-100)

Sound Quest - Nixie Tube Clock (NT-100) 

The Nixie Tube Clock is a unique clock perfect for your office, home, or as a classy gift! The aluminum frame is strong, sturdy, and elegant. It is one of the coolest clocks in twice its price range!

The clock can be set to display in standard or military time. The Nixie tubes should last 7+ years. We've had one in our Sound Approach office since 2009- and the Kiwi loves it. We get a lot of comments on it from our visitors; plus many impulse buys because it is so cool!

Most tubes produces a lot of heat, but Nixie tubes have almost no heat. So it is safe to touch the tubes without fear of burning yourself. The Nixie Clock (NT-100) is a unique time piece for any home. It is elegant and stylish, utilizing 6 Nixie Tubes.


  • Nixie Tubes IN 14 x 6
  • Aluminium Alloy Body
  • International Voltage- 100 to 240 Volts via wall Wart
  • 12/24 hour time with Minutes and Seconds
  • Low heat output
  • Easy time set
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