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Vesuvius Power Cord
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Silver Circle Audio - Vesuvius Power Cord

Silver Circle Audio - Vesuvius Power Cord

Silver Circle Audio - Vesuvius Power Cord

The volcano, Vesuvius, is a potential force of nature to be feared and admired. A volcano lays dormant. When nature calls, it unleashes power beyond the wildest imagination. The Vesuvius power cord, like a volcano, lays dormant until called upon to unleash the power of your audio system. It does so with unremitting energy. This power cord is fast and dynamic. Electricity flows with the absolute minimum of constraints. This cord has blown the minds of even the most jaded skeptics. It produces power cleanly and with an authority you dared not think possible.

The Vesuvius is constructed of a braided arrangement of 10-gauge silver-plated copper. The dielectric is Teflon™ and glass. Yes, glass. The braided geometry is shielded and the shield drained to ground for absolute blackness. Terminations are Wattgate 330i and 350i, either silver or gold.
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