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Sencore - Vision HDQ Video Processor

Sencore - Vision HDQ Video Processor
Sencore - Vision HDQ Video Processor Sencore - Vision HDQ Video Processor

Sencore - Vision HDQ Video Processor

The Vision HDQ™ significantly enhances the quality of the video signal from a variety of analog and digital, low and high-definition sources and creates the ultimate visual experience.

The Vision HDQ Video Processor provides exceptional de-interlacing and scaling. It allows output timing to be precisely tuned to the projector's, or High-definition Television's (HDTV), optimal configuration.

The Vision HDQ is ISF certified and provides multi-point gamma adjustment and calibration features.

The VisionHDQ™ Video Processor provides a cornerstone for the ultimate home theater or professional A/V video presentation. The HDQ provides input switching, de-interlacing, digital filtering, signal processing, and detail enhancing scaling resulting in improved video resolution and detail.

Ten inputs provide compatibility with most video sources including digital SDI sources. The DVI-D or DVI-A output has selectable resolutions to 1080p providing a high resolution output signal for both analog displays or digital DVI or HDMI displays.

The VisionHDQ provides unprecedented output and input calibration capabilities with its internal configuration memories. Eight independent output and four input configurations are possible. It further features an 11 point gamma/greyscale calibration capability along with black level, white level, and color & hue adjustments.


  •  Ten inputs (1 Composite, 2 S-Video, 2 SD/HD analog, 4 DVI-I, and 1 SDI)
  •  All video processing features are supported for HDCP encrypted DVI-D inputs
  •  All video processing features are supported for HD analog YPBPR and RGB inputs
  •  Component/RGB analog and DVI-D input accept 720p and 1080i sources
  •  Transcoding is supported for both digital and analog SD and HD inputs
  •  Per-pixel motion-adaptive video deinterlacing for SD and HD source sources
  •  3:2, 3:3 and 2:2 film pull-down frame-reconstruction for SD sources
  •  3:2, 3:3 and 2:2 film pull-down frame-reconstruction for HD sources
  •  Four independent configuration memories for each input
  •  Black-level, contrast, calibration per memory
  •  Color, red-color-offset, green-color-offset calibration per memory
  •  Hue, red-Hue-offset, green-Hue-offset calibration per memory
  •  Y/C delay calibration with independent CB and CR delay
  •  Detail enhancing scaler
  •  Output resolution from 480p to 1080p, plus 1080i
  •  Output width programmable in pixel increments
  •  Programmable output color format (SD and HD component, plus RGB)
  •  Programmable vertical refresh rate
  •  Programmable screen aspect ratio
  •  DVI-D output with HDCP encryption support
  •  BNC connectors for the analog output
  •  Backlit infrared remote control with on-screen menu system
  •  RS232 serial interface for control and software-updates
  •  Silent operation (no fan)
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