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Sencore - RadianceXS Video Processor

Sencore - RadianceXS Video Processor
Sencore - RadianceXS Video Processor Sencore - RadianceXS Video Processor

Sencore - RadianceXS Video Processor

The RadianceXS acts as a video switch, processes the selected video source and then outputs video in the appropriate format and resolution. Standard definition (SD), enhanced-definition (ED), high-definition (HD) video inputs, plus a number of PC formats are supported. Optional dual SD-SDI inputs are available.

The Radiance offers 10-bit processing, per-pixel standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video de-interlacing with adaptive diagonal filtering, scaling technology that does not add ringing (unlike competing products), MPEG mosquito and block artifact reduction and "3D" temporal noise reduction for both SD and HD sources. For these reasons, the Radiance™ processor sets the industry benchmark for switching, calibration and video processing performance.


      The RadianceXS supports new multi-channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats, and provides more robust output to support longer HDMI cable distances.

      The RadianceXS combines proprietary strides in video technology with enhanced connectivity and the flexibility of up to 10 (12 with optional SDI inputs) video and 11 audio inputs. Lumagen's Radiance series refines and enhances the video images presented by high definition front projectors, top-level rear-screen and flat-panel displays. At the same time the Radiance functions as an extensive central switching hub ideal for home and corporate theater systems.

      By incorporating improved video de-interlacing, new MPEG artifact reduction and temporal noise reduction, the Radiance series expands upon the company's well-known Vision series - a line which received industry recognition in 2005 and 2006 for advancements in switching, calibration and proprietary No-ring™ scaling technologies.

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