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Sencore - RadianceXE Video Processor

Sencore - RadianceXE Video Processor
Sencore - RadianceXE Video Processor Sencore - RadianceXE Video Processor

Sencore - RadianceXE Video Processor

The RadianceXE acts as a video switch, processes the selected video source and then outputs video in the appropriate format and resolution. Standard definition (SD), enhanced-definition (ED), high-definition (HD) video inputs, plus a number of PC formats are supported.

The RadianceXE supports new multi-channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats, and provides more robust output to support longer HDMI cable distances.


  • HDMI 1.3 support including all uncompressed audio formats
  • Found on RadianceXD and RadianceXE:
  • Dedicated HDMi receiver on each HDMi input - means: super fast switching (HDMi/HDCP re-sync)
  • Six HDMI Inputs - means: easily connect and quickly switch between sources - X-Box 360, Wii, Playstation III, Blu-Ray, Cable STB, Satellite STB
  • Proprietary No-Ring™ Video Scaling - means: “Best in the world” scaling converts input signal resolution to display native resolution with exceptional clarity and image definition, without adding distracting scaling artifacts or harsh ringing edges.
  • Video Latency – means: Short deinterlacing processing delay preserves proper lip sync; mouth movement and words match up.
  • PreciseView User-Programmable 4:3 to 16:9 Non-Linear-Stretch (NLS) Mode means: Allows user to precisely set how 4:3 image fills a 16:9 display. Makes the central image looks more natural.
  • Primary / Secondary Color Gamut Calibration (3D CMS Palette) – means: precise matching of SMPTE standard color space like 601, 709, xvYcc, etc.
  • Global Gamma Factor Correction - means: Single factor correction of gamma over entire grayscale; quick fix/coarse adjustment.
  • Multipoint Gamma Calibration means: precise calibration on full range of display - up to 11 points x, y, Y
  • White Balance / Grayscale Calibration – means: increased access for the installer when display does not allow calibration. Full 11-Point calibration.
  • Color & Hue Offsets means: Corrects source color encoder errors and display color decoder errors (color push).
  • IR Format Command Input
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