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Sencore - RadianceXD Video Processor

Sencore - RadianceXD Video Processor
Sencore - RadianceXD Video Processor Sencore - RadianceXD Video Processor

Sencore - RadianceXD Video Processor

The function of the RadianceXD is to act as a video switch, process the selected video source and then output video in the appropriate format and resolution. Standard definition (SD), enhanced-definition (ED), high-definition (HD) video inputs, plus a number of PC formats are supported. Video inputs are converted to progressive video (if necessary) and are then scaled to the video output resolution.

Now dramatically improve the picture quality for all your A/V installations, with superior, industry-leading RadianceTM processing, plus provide a flexible A/V central switching and distribution hub.


  •  Dedicated HDMi receiver on each HDMi input – means: super fast switching (HDMi/HDCP re-sync)
  •  Six HDMI Inputs - means: easily connect and quickly switch between sources – X-Box 360, Wii, Playstation III, Blu-Ray, Cable STB, Satellite STB
  •  Proprietary No-Ring™ Video Scaling - means: “Best in the world” scaling converts input signal resolution to display native resolution with exceptional clarity and image definition, without adding distracting scaling artifacts or harsh ringing edges.
  •  Video Latency – means: Short deinterlacing processing delay preserves proper lip sync; mouth movement and words match up.
  •  PreciseView User-Programmable 4:3 to 16:9 Non-Linear-Stretch (NLS) Mode - means: Allows user to precisely set how 4:3 image fills a 16:9 display. Makes the central image looks more natural.
  •  Primary / Secondary Color Gamut Calibration (3D CMS Palette) - means: precise matching of SMPTE standard color space like 601, 709, xvYcc, etc.
  •  Global Gamma Factor Correction – means: Single factor correction of gamma over entire grayscale; quick fix/coarse adjustment.
  •  Multipoint Gamma Calibration - means: precise calibration on full range of display - up to 11 points x, y, Y
  •  White Balance / Grayscale Calibration – means: increased access for the installer when display does not allow calibration. Full 11-Point calibration.
  •  Color & Hue Offsets - means: Corrects source color encoder errors and display color decoder errors (color push).
  •  IR Format Command Input


  •  Powerful Radiance™ processing produces extraordinary picture quality with any signal source or display, overcoming limitations of built-in display processing
  •  Exclusive No-Ring™ video scaling technology converts all input signals, up to 1080p, to the display's native resolution while maintaining pristine image quality, with no edge-ringing scaling artifacts
  •  Exceptional image enhancement and artifact reduction features make noisy SD signals and heavily compressed HD signals look nearly as good as high-bandwidth HD pictures, even on large screen displays
  •  State of the art de-interlacing of SD/HD film or video source signals produces cinematic picture quality on progressive-only displays and projectors
  •  Exclusive 11-point parametric gamma and white balance calibration offers more precise grayscale luminance and color correction of input signals and displays than possible with normal one or two-point display adjustments
  •  Exclusive 3D CMS Palette™ seven-point input/output color gamut calibration provides accurate gamut correction for all input signals and displays, with no control interaction
  •  Exclusive Color & Hue Offsets accurately correct red/green color push, producing rich, true colors for all video images
  •  Simple and flexible calibration of all combinations of signal source and display conditions, with 32 calibration memories per input and eight calibration output memories
  •  Switches and converts all your A/V source signals to dual HDMI outputs to feed multiple video displays or A/V receivers
  •  Super-fast, seamless HDMI switching, with dedicated receivers on all HDMI inputs
  •  Easily incorporate into any third-party automation control system with standard serial interface
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