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Xerxes 20+
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Roksan - Xerxes 20+ Turntable

Roksan - Xerxes 20+ Turntable
Roksan - Xerxes 20+ Turntable Roksan - Xerxes 20+ Turntable Roksan - Xerxes 20+ Turntable

Roksan - Xerxes 20+ Turntable

On of the most important turntables of the eighties was the Xerxes which launched in 1985. A more enjoyable and accurate presentation of music provided by the Xerxes was made possible advanced engineering techniques and radical solutions to address inherent problems suffered by other turntables. Over twenty ears of research, development and refinement resulted in the Xerxes 20+.

By allowing the Xerxes 20+ the be heart of your playing system, it will link the tone arm/cartridge and the record.

Note: Requires Speed Control


The Xerxes.20plus can be fitted with any of Roksan's two arms or any other high quality arm to offer a powerful and expansive sound displaying a fine mid-band, a fast and deep bass and a very smooth and open treble. Musicians are firmly located within the soundstage, with the tempo and musicality combined to create a compelling sense of live music being played.

Utilized in the Xerxes.20plus are TMS 3's main Bearing Ball, Inner and Outer Platter design that are refined to ensure the record remains almost undisturbed by the internally induced vibrations. This provides the cartridge with an almost silent passage to retrieve the vital audio information. The combination of the Plinth material, density, linear damping, vibration absorbing weight blocks, lowered decoupling frequency and controlled harmonic structure delivers a performance second to none.


Manufacturer:  Roksan
Model Number:  Xerxes 20 +
Operation:  Manual
Drive System:  Belt
Motor:  24 pole Synchronous
Speeds:  N/A
Speed Deviation:  N/A
Speed Select:  N/A
Pitch Control:  N/A
Power Supply:  N/A
Power Consumption:  N/A
Power Cord:  N/A
Wow & Flutter:   < 0.02%
Rumble:   < -80 dB
Motor Mount:  Unique synchronizing bearing
Cue Control:   N/A
Platter Size:   N/A
Platter Weight:   N/A


Length:  N/A
Bearing:  N/A
Bearing Yoke:  N/A
Tube Material:  N/A
Effective Mass:  N/A
Distance from Record Center:  N/A
Overhang:  N/A
Mounting Hole Diameter:  N/A
Arm Board Thickness:  N/A
Adjustable Arm Height:  N/A
Tonearm Cable:  N/A
Ground Wire:  N/A
External Connectors:  N/A
Interconnects:  N/A
Cable Capacitance:  N/A
Anti-Skating:  N/A


Headshell:  N/A
Headshell Offset Angle:  N/A
Cartridge Weight:  N/A
Cartridge Type:  N/A
Tracking Force:  N/A
Frequency Response:  N/A
Capacitance:  N/A



 17.72" (W) x 14.6" (D) x 4.53" (H)

 450 (W) x 370 (D) x 115 (H) mm

Shipping Dimensions:  N/A
Weight:  26.5 lbs (12 kg)
Shipping Weight:  N/A
Dustcover:  Included
Finish:  Black, Rosewood, Maple
Clamp:  N/A
Accessories:  Allen keys, Cotton gloves, Spindle cap
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