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Roksan Shiraz
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Roksan - Shiraz Phono Cartridge

Roksan - Shiraz Phono Cartridge
Roksan - Shiraz Phono Cartridge Roksan - Shiraz Phono Cartridge

Roksan - Shiraz Phono Cartridge

The diamond tip of the stylus is an important aspect of cartridge design. Believed to be the world's best diamond profile design, the Shiraz cartridge has a stylus that, if the diamond were cut to the wrong shape it would damage records or reduce the amount of retrievable information. The stylus, Swiss made Gyger II, has a super fine line profile for excellent tracking ability and low surface noise.
For a moving coil design, the Shiraz produces relatively high output; this is imperative for a good signal to noise ratio and channel separation. However, it also requires careful matching to per-amplifier phono stage.


  • Type Moving coil
  • Output 0.21 mV/cm/sec (RMS)
  • 1.05 mV @ 5cm/sec recorded velocity
  • Stylus Super fineline - Gyger II
  • Cantilever Aluminum tube
  • Tracking weight 2.2 -2.5 (2.4 grams recommended)
  • Cartridge body 5 axis machined solid aluminum alloy
  • Generator fixing Unique 3- point rigid fixing, spiked to body (without adhesive)
  • Cartridge fixing Standard 0.5 inch center (12.7mm)
  • Recommended load 30-100Ω (100Ω recommended)
  • Coil impedance 24Ω
  • Frequency response 15Hz - 30kHz
  • Channel balance Within 1dB
  • Channel separation 30dB
  • F I M < 0.5%, 19μ
  • Cartridge weight 8.2 g
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