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Roksan Nima
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Roksan products are out of stock until early 2019. Please call us with any questions.


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Roksan - Nima UniPIVOT Tonearm

Roksan - Nima UniPIVOT Tonearm
Roksan - Nima UniPIVOT Tonearm Roksan - Nima UniPIVOT Tonearm Roksan - Nima UniPIVOT Tonearm

Roksan - Nima UniPIVOT Tonearm  

Combining solid aluminum alloy tubing, stainless steel alloy and polished acrylic this remarkable arm is made of no less than ten individual precision machined components meticulously hand assembled. NIMA does not have standard internal wiring, therefore to transmit the signal from the cartridge the same flat printed circuit board cable developed for our top of the range Artemiz arm is employed.

The unique design of the transit locking mechanism of the bearing assembly not only provides a safe transportation method but also avoids damage if the arm is accidentally lifted off its bearing. The counterweight is decoupled and designed to mount off-center thus allowing easy Azimuth correction. Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) adjustment provides optimum alignment for almost any cartridge.

The combination of polished acrylic head shell, silver anodized aluminum tubing and mirror chromed counterweight enhances NIMA's looks and conveys the true lightness and neutrality of this very special arm. The Nima has a brilliantly natural, cohesive sound reproduction and in conjunction with the Radius 5 and a good cartridge such as the Roksan Corus produces a vast panoramic sound with plenty of clarity and punch.

Instructions on How to Setup your Nima Tonearm: Nima Tonearm Setup.pdf


Video Demo Setup:


  • Bearing Precision Stainless Steel; Unipivot
  • Bearing Yoke Precision machined Acrylic
  • Arm Tube Custom Design Aluminum Alloy Extrusion
  • Head shell Precision machined Acrylic
  • Effective Length 240mm
  • Overhang 17.5mm
  • Distance from Record Center 222.5mm
  • Head shell Offset Angle 22.9 Deg.
  • Effective Mass 10 g
  • Mounting Hole Diameter 23mm
  • Arm Board Thickness 5-25mm (max.)
  • Recommended Cartridge Weight 5-12 g
  • Recommended Tracking Weight 1.5-3.5 g
  • Internal Wiring Enameled & Silver Plated Pure Copper
  • Tonearm Cable Shielded Coaxial with Grounding wire
  • Connectors 5-Pin Gold Plated to RCA Gold Plated
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