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Roksan Artemiz
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Roksan - Artemiz R-Series-7 Tonearm

Roksan - Artemiz R-Series-7 Tonearm
Roksan - Artemiz R-Series-7 Tonearm Roksan - Artemiz R-Series-7 Tonearm Roksan - Artemiz R-Series-7 Tonearm

Roksan - Artemiz R-Series-7 Tonearm


The Artemiz has been regarded by many critics to be the most open sounding, dynamic and detailed tone arm available. Roksan is proud to announce the New Artemiz Precision Tone Arm that builds on the strengths of the highly regarded original. This Artemiz sets a new standard in tone arm performance that offers an unparalleled musical experience of vinyl replay.

The combination of the Acetal carrier, the Tungsten Carbide balls and the new arm tube coupling has eradicated the necessity of the arm tube damping which was originally achieved using rubberized paint or the foam strip used on earlier Artemiz tone arms. As a result the Artemiz is much more dynamic, 'quieter' with unsurpassed control.

Some of the most significant features & changes in the new design are:

Acetal Vertical Bearing Screw Carrier
This ensures only one metal to metal contact with the main bearing yoke.

12 Tungsten Carbide Bearing Balls; TMS2 type
To provide a much harder yet smoother bearing surface.

Titanium Coupling Ring for the Arm Tube/ Inner Yoke connection
This provides a superior contact combined with the required critical damping.

Improved Anti-skate Assembly
The new assembly delivers bias force more accurately to allow the cartridge to extract more information.

New Silicone Damping Rings for the Counter Weight Carrier
Improved isolation of the C/W assembly.

New Black Anodised Finish

Artemiz tonearm

The arm's entire tube and head shell is machined from a single piece of solid aluminum alloy and undergoes sixteen engineering operations to achieve the head shell construction, this ensures the arm's rigidity and hence promotes musical precision.

The Artemiz uses Roksan's Intelligent Counterweight System which dynamically optimizes the tracking force. Single point suspension minimises the transmission of unwanted mechanical noise to the cartridge and the low center of gravity improves dynamic stability. Unique pyramidal bearings lower friction and allow for rapid changes in direction and speed that tonearms experience.

Additionally, optimum matching to the weight of the cartridge is achieved using different counter weight blocks. The Artemiz fixing clamp and washer maximise the force required to couple the tone arm to the armboard correctly.

To ensure excellent signal transfer and complete noise immunity, the Artemiz is fitted with a printed circuit board in lieu of internal wires. Left and right signal tracks from the cartridge are shielded all the way by ground tracks on either side.

Unique arm tube, bearing and arm coupling design of the Artemiz increases the first resonance break of the arm to 1.4kHz almost 50% higher than other high end tone arms and thus provides the cartridge with the best platform to track records and retrieve maximum information with live performance like dynamics.


  • Effective Length: 240.00mm
  • Overhang: 17.50mm
  • Head-shell offset angle: 22.9 degree
  • Mounting hole diameter: 22.00mm
  • Arm board thickness: 4.50mm – 26.00mm
  • Recommended arm board material: Acetal or MDF
  • Recommended Cartridge Tracking Force 1.3 – 3.0 g
  • VTA adjustment Yes
    via Arm pillar mounting adjustment
  • Recommended cartridge weights: 5-10 g (with standard counterweight)
  • Effective Mass: 9 g
  • Head-shell/Arm tube One Piece Aluminium Alloy
  • Arm tube fixing Titanium coupling ring/stainless retaining screw
  • Bearing Assembly Unique ‘Pyramidal’ Roksan design silent running
    x12 Tungsten Carbide Bearing Balls
    x4 Hardened Steel Bearing balls
  • Counter Weight Assembly Unique Roksan ‘Intelligent’ type
  • First break resonance 1.4kHz
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