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Rek-O-Kut - Ultra Phono Preamplifier

Rek-O-Kut - Ultra Phono Preamplifier

Even if you do not play vintage records, the ULTRA beats almost all built-in phono stages and is an excellent upgrade. Add one or two turntables to an amplifier that has no phono input or a second turntable to an amplifier with only one phono input. The ULTRA Preamp can connect to the line level input on any amplifier, computer sound card or mixing console for playback of turntables equipped with a magnetic phono cartridge.

For RIAA LPs it is extremely accurate to within +/- 1/8 dB. It can apply accurate compensation for USA, European, Asian or other foreign 78s with front panel switches. A 300 Hz position means accurate play of pre 1935 records as well as later US Columbia and many European and Asian 78s. It can also accurately play London/Decca FFRR and similar vintage LPs, and many non-NAB broadcast transcriptions. If you want to use computer software for record compensation, it has a totally flat setting.

Because of its extremely accurate RIAA compensation, it is an excellent companion to the REK-O-KUT Re-Equalizer, resulting in a fully adjustable playback system for vintage and mono records.

With its in-line world power supply (as opposed to an outlet stealing, wall transformer) it can be used anywhere, with no switches to set. All that is required is either a EURO plug adapter, or a common, IEC-C7, figure-8 line cord for your country's power outlet.

The Rek-O-Kut ULTRA is designed for modern, audiophile, 33 rpm records, and also for old 33 and 78 rpm records from anywhere in the world. Its RIAA accuracy, low distortion, and high input level capacity make it suitable for even very expensive systems. It can compensate for records of different vintages and manufacture. Its totally flat setting can facilitate those who may prefer to implement record compensation with computer software (not supplied).

The ULTRA can be used to connect one or two turntables to a Hi-Fi system that has no phono input, or for adding another turntable to an amplifier that has only one phono input. It is designed to be used with any magnetic phono cartridge and is not suitable for most of the less common, moving coil variety of pickup devices.

It can also be used with the line input of a computer’s sound card to facilitate phono playback through PC multimedia systems, for recording onto hard disc and editing, as well as producing CD copies and MP3s. It is very small in size and, if necessary, can be hidden behind other components. It will operate on almost any power available anywhere in the world. One need only change the power cord, or use a plug adapter


  • Includes 39 inch 43 pF/ft interconnect cable
  • Input matched to most high-quality pickups
  • 6 Hz subsonic filter to cut ultra low rumble
  • Anodized brushed aluminum front panel
  • Includes cable for computer soundcard.
  • High-quality, gold-plated RCA jacks
  • Discrete component design
  • Low hum steel case
  • Audiophile audio performance
  • Quality OFC gold plated RCA cable included
  • Input and output via gold plated RCA connectors
  • Compensation for both US and non-US vintage records
  • Sub-sonic filter to reduce deep rumble and wasted amplifier power
  • Highly accurate equalization for either modern RIAA records or old 78 RPM records
  • Powered by an in-line power adapter that works anywhere In the world – no cumbersome wall transformer


3.5 mV

Rated Output
300 mV

RIAA Deviation
20 - 25 kHz: +/- 1/8 dB

Bass Turnover
500 Hz (RIAA), 300 Hz, 0 Hz

Treble Rolloff
0 dB (78), -13.7db (RIAA)

Sub-Sonic Filter
7 Hz


80 dBA minimum

Input Impedance
47 kOhms, and 220 pF

Output Impedance
600 Ohms

60 mV

Maximum Output
4.0 Volts

45 dB at any frequency between 20 - 20 kHz

Power Requirement
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, (automatic)

6- 3/4" X 3-1/8" X 1-5/8"

Shipping weight
2 Lbs

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