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Rek-O-Kut - ROKSFG-1 - Stylus Force Gauge


Rek-O-Kut - ROKSFG-1 - Stylus Force Gauge

Stylus force gauges have all but disappeared along with turntables. The few that remain are designed solely for use with audiophile records and turntables and cannot measure the higher requirements of DJs and vintage record collectors. This of course, also applies to professional sound restorers and those involved with record reissues. The REK-O-KUT Stylus Force Gauge is simple to use and relies on the principle of a basic laboratory balance.


  • Accurate laboratory balance design.
  • Easy to upgrade to even greater force requirements.
  • The REK-O-KUT Stylus Force Gauge is made of sturdy plastic and comes with instructions in a plastic storage container.
  • Measures tracking forces for both audiophile, DJ and vintage record requirements. Includes weights for 0.25 to 5.75 grams.
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