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Rek-O-Kut - CVS-14 - Manual Turntable

Rek-O-Kut - CVS-14 - Manual Turntable

Rek-O-Kut - CVS-14 - Manual Turntable

Rek-O-Kut - CVS-14 - Manual Turntable 

The REK-O-KUT CVS-14 is a fully manual 33/45/78 RPM turntable with a continuously variable and calibrated "78" range of from 62 to 94 rpm. The high-torque, direct-drive motor provides fast start and stop braking. It can play in reverse.  A switch is provided which permits playing vertical cut records such as Edison and Pathe records.

The turntable is supplied with dust cover, slip mat, and our 12-speed Super Strobe for speeds from 68.5 to 90 rpm. It does not include a phono cartridge or styli. These must be purchased separately. The CVS -14 is recommended for both audiophile and vintage records.

Note: Cartridge is not included and must be purchased separately


  • Standard cartridge head shells
  • Includes vertical/lateral SW
  • Includes hinged dust cover
  • High torque, direct-drive motor
  • 14" record capacity
  • +/- 20% pitch control
  • Plays in reverse direction
  • Stylus illumination lamp
  • Spare headshell holder
  • Quartz locked motor
  • Output via RCA lead pair


Manufacturer:  Rek-O-Kut
Model Number:  CVS-14
Operation:  Manual
Drive System:  Direct Drive
Motor:  Quartz - Locked
Speeds:  33 1/3, 45, 65, 68.5, 71.26, 76.59, 78.26, 80, 85, 90 RPM
Speed Deviation:  < +/- 0.25%
Speed Select:  Slider
Pitch Control:  +/- 20%
Power Supply:  110 VAC 50 Hz
Power Consumption:  N/A
Power Cord:  N/A
Wow & Flutter:   0.13 % WRMS
Rumble:   -55 dB
Motor Mount:  N/A
Cue Control:   N/A
Platter Size:   13 1/16"
Platter Weight:   2 lbs


Length:  S shaped
Bearing:  Micro Ball
Bearing Yoke:  N/A
Tube Material:  N/A
Effective Mass:  N/A
Distance from Record Center:  N/A
Overhang:  N/A
Mounting Hole Diameter:  N/A
Arm Board Thickness:  N/A
Adjustable Arm Height:  N/A
Tonearm Cable:  N/A
Ground Wire:  N/A
External Connectors:  N/A
Interconnects:  N/A
Cable Capacitance:  N/A
Anti-Skating:  0 - 7g


Headshell:  N/A
Headshell Offset Angle:  N/A
Cartridge Weight:  N/A
Cartridge Type:  N/A
Tracking Force:  N/A
Frequency Response:  N/A
Capacitance:  N/A


Dimensions:  17 3/4" (W) x 13 3/4" (D) x 5 7/8" (H)
Shipping Dimensions:  N/A
Weight:  N/A
Shipping Weight:  N/A
Dustcover:  Included
Finish:  Silver
Clamp:  N/A
Accessories:  N/A
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