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Rek-O-Kut - Adjustable Weight Headshell


Rek-O-Kut - Adjustable Weight Headshell

If you change cartridges a lot, you can run into the problem of your tracking force being off. For example, if you use one headshell for LPs, and another for 78s.

This is a low mass, aluminum, precision headshell, made by Rek-O-Kut with 2-Gram and 4-Gram weights that screw into the top to compensate for tracking force differences. All connectors and arm pins are gold flashed. They are designed to fit most S-shaped tonearms. The headshell weighs 8.9 grams.

NOTE: Rek-O-Kut headshells are for more modern turntables. They are not compatible with pre-1970 Rek-O-Kut tone arms.

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