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Open Box Special. Black Oak. One available.


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Quad - S-2 - Bookshelf Speakers - Black Oak (Pair) - Open Box

Quad - S-2 - Bookshelf Speakers - Black Oak (Pair) - Open Box

Quad - Bookshelf Speakers - Black Oak (Pair) - Open Box

Open Box Special. Black Oak. One available. Full factory warranty.

Critical reviews of high-end audio gear occasionally lend to hyperbole, but in the case of Stereophile's in-depth report on the coloration-free Quad S-2 bookshelf loudspeakers, there's no exaggeration in sight – rather, an on-point summation of the stand-mounters' strengths. Ken Micallef writes that "the S-2 is fabulously dynamic, well extended, pure and clean in its revealing upper-frequency range, and offers the best low-end bass traction of any stand-mounted speaker I've heard in my MacDougal Street digs."

The fact that Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi World have similar praise for the two-way, rear-ported S-2 isn't just a coincidence. Designed in England and claiming a heritage that stretches back to the company's iconic Corner Ribbon loudspeaker, S-2 features a 1.75 x 0.5-inch true ribbon tweeter that ably handles modern high-power amplifiers while also retaining Quad's trademark detail, accuracy, and smoothness. And since S-2's composite ribbon sandwich substrate tweeter functions as both the diaphragm and motor system – completely unlike conventional dome units – you'll benefit from incredible levels of efficiency, control, and transparency.

Simply position S-2 with its tweeter at or near ear level, and you're off and running. The largest S Series bookshelf model also comes with a five-inch woven Kevlar midrange driver. Linked by a sophisticated crossover network, the combination accounts for S-2's fatigue-free presentation and ability to arrange complex passages into cohesive, balanced performances.

What's more, S-2 has gorgeous looks to match its smooth, fatigue-free, and downright beautiful sonics. Graced with Italian-inspired rounded top edges at the front and rear, each S-2 cabinet arrives comprised of alternate layers of MDF and high-density particleboard with circumferential internal bracing that reduces panel resonance below the threshold of human hearing. All the better for you to experience the scale, authority, and depth with which S-2 conveys recordings – qualities certain to hold you spellbound for hours at a time.


General Description
2-way bookshelf speaker

Enclosure Type
Vented box loudspeaker

Transducer Complement

Bass / Midrange Driver
125mm Woven Kevlar

Treble Driver
45 x 12mm true ribbon

AV Shield

Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M)

Recommended Amplifier Power

Nominal Impedance

Minimum Impedance

Frequency Response (+/-3dB)
48Hz - 22kHz

Bass Extension (-6dB)

Crossover Frequency

Cabinet Volume

13.0" x 7.1" x 10.2"

13.4 lbs.

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