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Music Hall - MMF-5.3WH - Manual Turntable with 2M Blue Cartridge

Music Hall - MMF-5.3WH - Manual Turntable with 2M Blue Cartridge

Music Hall - MMF-5.3WH - Manual Turntable with 2M Blue Cartridge 

The Music Hall MMF-5.3WH Turntable is a two speed belt driven audiophile turntable employing the unique dual-plinth construction originated by Music Hall.

The distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform from the motor, switch, wiring, and feet which are mounted on the bottom platform. Viso-elastic cones separate the two platforms and provide vibration damping. The MMF-5.3 comes complete with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge mounted.


  • Music Hall’s unique dual plinth construction
  • Gorgeous high gloss white finish
  • Top tier one piece alloy tonearm
  • Flexible internal tonearm wire drawn from high purity copper
  • Counterweight’s center of gravity is level with the stylus tip
  • Resonance damping counterweight is decoupled from the tonearm
  • Separately isolated asynchronous motor
  • Two speed (33/45 rpm) pulley
  • Music Hall Magic 3 moving magnet phono cartridge with replaceable nude
  • Elliptical diamond stylus ($350 value)
  • Cartridge supplied is mounted and properly aligned
  • Precision stainless steel main bearing sheathed in Teflon
  • Main bearing provides noise free fluid operation
  • Dynamically balanced alloy platter
  • Soft felt mat and screw on record clamp
  • High quality gold RCA connectors and detachable phono cable
  • Special vibration damping adjustable feet and round spirit level
  • Low noise fully manual belt drive design
  • Excellent instruction manual and easy assembly
  • Dust cover and 45rpm adapter


Manufacturer:  Music Hall
Model Number:  MMF 5.3
Operation:  Manual
Drive System:  Belt
Motor:  Isolated Asynchronous
Speeds:  33 1/3 & 45 RPM
Speed Deviation:  +/- 0.8%
Speed Select:  Pulley
Pitch Control:  N/A
Power Supply:  15V / 0-0.8mA DC, Universal power supply
Power Consumption:  < 1 W
Power Cord:  N/A
Wow & Flutter:   +/- 0.10%
Rumble:   > -70 dB
Motor Mount:  N/A
Cue Control:   Yes
Platter Size:   11.81" (30 cm)
Platter Weight:   6 lbs (2.7 kg)


Length:  9" Carbon Fiber
Bearing:  N/A
Bearing Yoke:  N/A
Tube Material:  N/A
Effective Mass:  N/A
Distance from Record Center:  N/A
Overhang:  0.71" (18mm)
Mounting Hole Diameter:  0.5" (12.7mm)
Arm Board Thickness:  N/A
Adjustable Arm Height:  N/A
Tonearm Cable:  N/A
Ground Wire:  N/A
External Connectors:  N/A
Interconnects:  RCA
Cable Capacitance:  N/A
Anti-Skating:  N/A


Headshell:  Ortofon 2M Blue
Headshell Offset Angle:  N/A
Cartridge Weight:  7.2 g
Cartridge Type:  Moving Magnet
Tracking Force:  16 - 20 mN
Frequency Response:  20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 2 dB
Capacitance:  150 - 300 pF



 18.25" (W) x 13.25" (D) x 5.5" (H)

 464 (W) x 337 (D) x 140 (H) mm

Shipping Dimensions:  N/A
Weight:  24 lbs (10.9 kg)
Shipping Weight:  N/A
Dustcover:  Included
Finish:  White
Clamp:  Screw On
Accessories:  Gold RCA interconnects, Detachable phono cable
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