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Music Hall - Bellari MT 502 mu - MC Step-up Transformer

Music Hall - Bellari MT 502 - MC Set-up Transformer

Music Hall - Bellari MT 502 mu - MC Step-up Transformer 

The mt502μ is all hand-built in the USA. The mt502μ is a work of art as much as sonic perfection.

Moving coil cartridges should be stepped up with transformers to get the best sound quality. The issue with almost all phono preamps that claim they are MM and MC compatible is that most are MM phono preamps that are simply boosting the gain in the MC setting. This can create issues with sound quality. The fact of the matter is, MC cartridges need a transformer to be at their best. If you look at very high-end systems, they all use step-up transformers.

Bellari doesn’t just boost the gain of their phono preamps and call them MC compatible. They build a proper step-up transformer to make your MC cart sound the way it should.

The mt502μ will match almost any MC cartridge with its selectable turns ratio switch. It’s like having two step-up transformers in one unit. The 12:1 is designed to work with carts like the Denon DL103 or 103R or similar. The 30:1 is designed to work with carts that need more gain/level.

The “μ” stands for MU Metal as that is the new metal now encasing the 2019 MT502 transformers. MU Metal is one of the best shielding materials known. The new transformers are hand wound, potted, encased in MU Metal and then placed into a copper chassis that has been gold plated. This is all done by hand, one at a time.


  • RCA inputs
  • RCA outputs
  • lift/ground switch
  • impedance level control
  • powder-coated steel chassis


input impedance: 30-100 Ohms
output impedance: 30k Ohms
thd: .02% @ 1KHz

Dimensions (W x H x D)  4" x 1.1" x 4"

Weight                             2 lbs

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