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Millennium - Carbon Spacer Set Cartridge Spacers

Millennium - Carbon Spacer Set Cartridge Spacers

The set contains different carbon spacer (approx.20x22mm). Non magnetic stainless steel screws and nuts. Easy to fix the VTA, results in best resonance absorption into the shell. The improved damping quality of the shell will increase the tracking ability of your PU.

The impact never fails!

Perfect solution to handle fine adjustment of azimuth, using one or both of the thin half spacers.


Provided tools
        2 x .15mm Half spacer
        1 x .15mm Spacer
        1 x .35mm Spacer
        2 x 1.0mm Spacer
        1 x 3.0mm Spacer
        2 x Screws Metric 2.5mm x 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20mm
        4 x Nuts Metric 2.5mm

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