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MastersounD - PH L5-v2 Pre-Amplifier with Phono (Class A)

MastersounD - PH L5-v2 Pre-Amplifier with Phono (Class A)

MastersounD - PH L5-v2 Pre-Amplifier with Phono (Class A)

MastersounD is an Italian company which produces class “A” tube amplifiers of the highest quality. With the PHL5 the listener will feel immersed in the music, absorbed in the execution of the piece, enjoying, in the most natural way, the details of the voices and the instruments played.

High-quality phono stage fitted 41dB / 47 kOhms.

Our philosophy is simple:
We produce amplifiers that arouse emotion, in which every note of music should precisely reflect the emotions of the composer and the performer. In addition to the technical excellence, our amplifiers satisfy the ultimate search for the life-like performance. Therefore, not only a perfect soundstage, focus, and dynamics are involved, but also a "spirit" quite rare in many systems - blend into the total synergy of your system.

The listeners feel immersed in the music and carried away through enjoying the life-like details of the instruments, in the most natural means possible... with emotion.

Mastersound amplifiers, except the tubes, comes with a five-year limited warranty covering defects in material and craftsmanship. During the warranty period, repairs are provided free of charge. Transportation costs, to and from, has to be paid by the owner of the unit.

Mastersound is the finest Italian crafted audiophile product on the market. Each order is custom-built and is typically delivered within 4-6 weeks from Italy. Please call for availability and delivery estimates.

Special Notice:
Mastersound stands behind its products and their reputation is known widely to the audiophile world. Once your order is placed, there are no refunds or exchanges allowed.

Italian Handcrafted Perfection


Tube preamplifier + phono Class "A"

RIAA Curve
        +/- 0.5 dB

Input Impedance
        47 kOhms

Output Impedance
        450 Ohms

        1 Hz / 100 kHz – 0dB

        3 x ECC 82 2 x ECC83

        4 High level - 1 Phono MM

        2 + 1 rec

        with remote control

        24 k gold tracks

        42 x 12 x 39 cm (16.5 x 15.3 x , 4.7 in)

        9 Kg. (20 lbs)

        5 years (excluding tubes)


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Download - MasterSound PH L5 User Manual

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