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Kimber Kable - KS6065 - Speaker Cable (Pair)

Kimber Kable - KS6065 - Speaker Cable

Kimber Kable - KS6065 - Speaker Cable (Pair) 

"A painstaking precision product for an exacting application." These were the words on the very first Kimber Kable brochure and they ring true to this day. Thee exacting application is the highest level of music reproduction in your space. We were not satisfied with bringing the experience to your home, we wanted a product that was capable of taking you to the performance.

The 6065 is a delicate balance of 2/3 copper and 1/3 pure silver utilizing both VariStrand and solid core conductors. This synergistic blend of metallurgy and conductor design strikes a keen balance between detail, transparency and a natural tonal presentation. The 6065 will maintain complete dynamic control over your loudspeaker while preserving balance within the audio spectrum.


  • VariStrand Copper and Silver Conductors (2:1)
  • Solid Core Copper and Silver Conductors (2:1)
  • X38R Central Core
  • Pigment-Free Dielectric
  • Multi-layered Matrix Geometry
  • WBT nextgen Connectors
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